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How many acres of pasture do your COW need?

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Finding the right balance between animal ( aka COW) herd size and available forage is essential to good grazing management in any continuous or rotational grazing system.

We need rocket science to answer the questions above

• the length of your grazing season in days 

• the average weight of one of your animals

• the total number of acres available for grazing

• the average yield of your pasture per acre

• The daily utilization rate for livestock

and many more!!

We feed COW with methane generating dry feed or lousy grass which we human don't even eat. What happens to Cow Diet??

WHAT IF we can provide the COW with good fresh nutritious feeds to give us all the milk and meat we required with LESS methane?

Explain your idea

We can feed the cow cheaply with fresh greens of high proteins-carbohydrates-enzymes that reduce methane generation using Sustainability ecoOcean & SuperLean XERICULTURE bioEconomy

Who Benefits?

Meat Eaters Roll Back Global Warming without the Methane for Livestock

How is your idea unique?

See the ecoOCEAN & XeriCULTURE submission

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

Sustainability Chief Engineer

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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Photo of eldy wullur

Hello Giok,
It is proving to be problematic for farmers, instead there to cause a fight between the farmers, the idea will be very helpful to them.

Photo of Giok P CHUA

TQ Ibu Eldy Wullur
Want to team up to rock & roll the world?

Photo of eldy wullur

Yes. Let's do it.

Photo of Giok P CHUA

Cool. Will keep in touch on your Village of Elderly links
Our Bio-Economy System is to fast forward the 4B BoP up the Social Escalator to God's Garden of Eden from their current life imprisonment wherever they are