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Multiple water use through Small Scale Irrigation system and cattle troughs at water points

Designing technical approaches for efficient water use from the gray water for irrigation and animals


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It is a simple irrigation system that is composed of a manual pressure pump. it can be operated without any technical training except basic principles of it operation. Cost effective in terms of construction and maintenance and yield over millions of money monthly. 

A unique innovation to manage risk associated with the drought, promoting multiple uses of little water, and improving household income as alternative for operation and maintenance of water points, small scale irrigation and water troughs for animals 

Explain your idea

Multiple water use through Small Scale Irrigation system using a treadle pump is a manual pressure irrigation system. This system, is composed of a small irrigation scheme consisting of (1) a borehole (or any non seasonal water source) as source of water for irrigation, (2) a reservoir for storing the water for irrigation, and (3) a treadle pump with a nozzle or sprinkler for pumping and spraying the water respectively in the garden. the system also known as Super Money-maker, is a human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of 7m or less. The total maximum pumping height is 14m (maximum suction depth below the pump is 7m and maximum pressure head above the pump is 7m). It has irrigation capacity of 2 acres and ‘push water distance’ of about 200m. The technology does not need much technical know how and just little Operation and maintenance (O&M requirements). The pump needs a minimum of two people to operate and irrigate garden. Even school age going children can conveniently operate the pump. The treadle pump needs priming with clean water for it to operate effectively. If the treadle pump is not primed, it cannot pump water from the reservoir with ease. The reservoir will have a capacity of 8m3 (2m x 2m x 2m). It will be constructed with bricks and a cover roof to reduce loss of water in the reservoir by evaporation will be minimized. The roof shade also minimizes the growth of fungi in the waste water by preventing direct sunlight which favors fungal growth. The opening into the reservoir for the hosepipe is provided with mosquito screen to minimize entry and breeding of mosquitoes in the stagnant waste water in the reservoir. A layer of oil on the water surface also prevent mosquito breeding which would otherwise be dangerous for human health. Water Troughs are constructed for animals at the borehole (water) points. The trough is used especially during dry season when the alternative surface water sources for watering animals have dried out and household cattle keepers have to move long distance for water for watering their animals. The system help in fighting food insecurity, Malnutrition, poverty, climate change, Illiteracy, climate change, HIV/AIDS and fast growing population rendering rural poor communities to vulnerability. The initiative also solves unemployment by youths and create manageable income generating activities (IGA). it also limits depending on practicing rain fed agriculture and the prolonged droughts that always hamper harvests Lastly, it solves insecurity incidences like the rustlers and land conflicts which is always a threat to poor communities

Who Benefits?

Beneficiaries are men, women, youths and children. Benefiting through increased household income from sales horticulture. It is also an alternative for risk of food insecurity associated to drought, promoting good hygiene for water sources and providing safe and clean drinking water for animals as well as creating employment for those involved.

How is your idea unique?

We uses the existing boreholes and other sources of water to make this idea reach even the local communities unlike other complicated irrigation systems that need dams, lakes and rivers as sources of irrigation water which requires complicated and expensive systems to pump and supply water. The initiative benefit local grassroots communities not as for the case of selected regions covered by complex irrigation plants that are fixed. With this irrigation system, one needs only a plastic pipe depending on the distance to water sources and even small land holders can benefit from this project. Farmers located far away from any water source dose not need to wait till rain water falls, the system is flexible and one only need a drum or small plastic tanks for storing water that is ferried to the garden and water fetched in using local transport systems. Lastly the technology is affordable and simple to operate and no technical skills is required. This is all about the innovation

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

We are Foundation for Development and Relief Africa (FDR AFRICA), Established since 2011 by a group of visionary youths as a Community Based Organization with the goal of thriving to mobilize, educate, empower and create access to better services including health, education and socio-ecomomic transformation to the hard to reach and forgotten poor African communities FDR AFRICA focus area of work is Eradicating poverty, fighting against HIV/AIDS, Gender inequality, Advocating for Rights, Access to education and better health services We have developed partnership with European Union, International Labour Organization, Advance Afrika, Vitamin Angels-USA, Fight to Improve Community Health (FICH), Amnesty International, Kole and Oyam District Local and Government among others over the past years that we existed. In regards to this program, we will partner with:- 1. ACF International-Uganda who will- • Commission research, identify emerging issues, monitor trends and provide analysis for the project • Conduct public discussions, bring communities together to engage discussion in problems and possible solutions. These events often stimulate new insights while encouraging diverse perspectives. • Advocate and take principled positions on critical issues and advocate policy outcomes. • Create initiatives, launch initiatives and special projects design, partnering with other foundations, corporations, nonprofits, donors and government agencies to work on specific water issues 2. Mercy Corps who will provide:- •Guideline context, a toolbox and a how-to manual for the project. this will combine theoretical knowledge with practical information and conducting trainings for the beneficiaries. • Training beneficiaries especially the young girls and adolescents on other life and vocational skills •Formulation of policies and other legal policies for the project FDR AFRICA will be the implementer carrying out all administrative project including monitoring, project documentation, scaling up and replication of other innovative ideas. The project shall be managed by Ocen Ivan Kenneth,, Mobile+256781800200 and assisted by other support staffs

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.


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Dear team,
Please can we have a project cost for a typical African community adopting this idea?


First give me some fewday to find out the current quotations as there has been fluctuations on US Dollars in Uganda. I will also need to find out shipments and other things. It is not very Expensive.


Hello, I have made the quotations but tried getting your email all in vain. Can you possibly share your email with me so that i can send you the prices of the irrigation scheme

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