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Moving school in different areas and streets to education all non educated people to know how to read, write and count

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Explain your idea

The idea is the MOBILE SCHOOL (MOVING SCHOOL). Irritelate people do think they are segregated because of their status, let us bring them to the real word so that they won't think and plan bad to destroy our peace. we will use two school buses (coasters), 6 teachers (must be drivers), two whiteboard and two black board and the whiteboard marker and chalks, books and pencils. The teachers will be voluntary teachers where by they will be given only allowance and not salary because the project will be a charity project and it will be a 5 years project The buses will be moving in street and villages and make a center at the opening space where the training will be conducted for about two months to three months depending on the area and the type of students available how capable are they in understanding. the aim is to make sure after those months students knows the Kswahili 3K (Kusoma, Kuandika, Kuhesabu) how to read, write and count. the buses and teacher will not be living at centers hence the center having only one bus with seats that will be used as a class, each day after class the buses and teacher will be turning back home. after each three months we will be moving to another centers in another street or village. we will be having two centers at a time, each center with two teachers and one bus, the remaining two teachers will be off duty and when the off duty teachers come to work then other two teacher went in off duty. we aim to have 30 students in each center that gives a total of 60 students in our 2 centers at a time in 3 moths. therefore in one year we will tackle 240 students in eight centers, and at the end of the project 1,200 students will have a direct benefit from the project. This idea solve the problem of having a large number of iritelate people in communities, those people who do not know how to read, write and count will be given a chance to study. this project will also decrease the communication barriers problems in this digital world where by people do communicate by mobile sms, whatsapp etc but irritelate ones can't, hence they won't send or get information through digital devices and they feel alone hence will bring prosperity (happiness) to communities, only a happiness family or community will have peace, no peace without happiness,

Who Benefits?

Direct beneficiaries are students across the commmunities both young and adult that will be given foundation education, indirect beneficiaries is the whole world through the idea of moving school we will decrease the number of irritelate people such even decrease the communication barriers, Hence the beneficiaries are the whole communities

How is your idea unique?

my idea is very unique because it comes from a youth, and the youths themselve will be implementing it, compared to other project like this usually the idea is from elders and it is them who are implementing it 2. free door to door education, the school will be moving in streets and villages compared to other education ideas where students are going to school but we (the schools) are going to students 3. this idea will have positive changes to youth and increase moral of doing great things

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

My name is Ediclad Kihinja, Iwas born on 28.02.1986. I have a Diploma in Human Resources and Administration Management. I am among the TAYPA (Tanzania Annual Young Professional Award) 2016 finalist in Alliance award category of Education. Also I am among the Ten finalist of youth entrepreneurship competition 2016. I am working with an organization and we are looking for collaborator to finish the project. I am the founder and the current chairman of King Edick Group which the organization I am working with

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.


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Hi Ediclad!

Would you tell me more about the organisation you represent? When was it founded?

Photo of Ediclad Kihinja

my organization was found in 2014, we are doing education activities such as teaching, giving entrepreneurship education to youth, women and adult in groups, etc, the organization have 8 members (5 men and 3 women). I am the chairmen of the group and we are registered by the government to conduct such activities