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Food network for low-income people with HIV.

How to provide an adequate diet to low incomes with HIV people and at the same time diminish social prejudices, giving them a job?

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Our project aims to make people with HIV and low-income people have access to a diet that is adequate for the needs that their body and their illness demands.

How? We want to make use of foods that have not been sold in the market places and that the sellers leave aside only because their appearance is not perfect, with these foods we want to provide people with limited resources with HIV and non- A food that covers their food deficiencies and make the disease more bearable. In addition to this, we want people with HIV to become part of this network, not only consuming the products, but also collecting food in the market places and also as distributors of the products, making them feel useful, which They can afford the costs of the treatments, the expenses of their families and mainly making people see that the hiv is only an illness, not the end of a person's life.

Explain your idea

The creation of a network that allows us to involve people who are carriers and non-carriers of HIV, in order to provide people with the virus with limited resources, adequate food to enable them to cope with their illness, and also to make them part of the network not only consuming the products, if not forming part of its productive chain.

Who Benefits?

The beneficiaries are people with HIV who are scarce resources who do not have the economic capacity to afford adequate food for their needs. Despite their illness are people who can continue to lead a normal life, feeling useful and being an active part of society.

How is your idea unique?

We believe that what makes our idea unique is that we mix two problems that strongly affect the world and although we are not giving a definitive solution, our contribution can change the lives of some people for good.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

We are The University of Bogotá, Colombia Jorge Tadeo Lozano, this is an institution that forms ethical, critical and creative professionals, committed to the social, cultural, business, scientific and aesthetic development of human beings. The Jorge Tadeo Lozano University is characterized by the permanent updating of its academic structure, physical and technological infrastructure, the renewal of study and consultation material, the opening to the labor and professional integration of its graduates, national and International, interdisciplinary work and the inclusion of research, creation and innovation processes in business, state, organizational and community realities, as well as in the more immediate realities that compromise the social, economic, environmental and cultural development of the country. We have worked in: - Intervention in projects where the qualitative and quantitative assessment of social and economic phenomena is required from the Design approach. Example: Intervention in technical - productive projects with different economic sectors. (Tertiary sector of the economy). - Intervention in projects that demand the use of methods of social innovation (non-welfare approach). Example: Work with participatory design tools, playful elements for generating ideas, co-creating ideas. (Tertiary sector of the economy - Quaternary sector of the economy). - Participation in projects that require the presentation of formal, objective or discursive representations, with a critical character around issues of political, economic, social and cultural focus (gender approach, environmental focus, human rights approach, development approach ). (Tertiary sector of the economy - sector of the economy). - Advice on design of simulation tools and visualization of dynamic systems for knowledge management. (Tertiary sector of the economy - quaternary sector of the economy). - Diagnosis, characterization and management of environmental resources for the rational and sustainable use over time of object systems and habitability forms. (Tertiary sector of the economy).

Expertise in sector

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