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Artificial intelligence engine for diet planning

Reducing malnutrition in under-served urban and rural via artificial intelligence engine and community health workers

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In developing countries, large percentage of population is malnourished, specially in under-served urban and rural. Skilled dietitians are not available in these areas. Sevamob ( addresses this gap through an artificial intelligence engine for diet planning. It has the following features:

* The application can be used by a simple community health worker to recommend an industry standard diet plan

* The diet plan is based upon location, income, age group, gender, physical activity, vegetarian vs non-vegetarian diet and allergies and is automatically customized for each trimester of pregnancy

* Artificial intelligence is used to identify common vitamin and mineral deficiencies from symptoms and customize the diet plan accordingly

* The plan covers all 3 elements - diet, exercise, stress reduction

Explain your idea

In developing countries like India, 1 in 3 women 15 – 49 yrs of age are malnourished. Key vitamin and mineral deficiencies are ignored. Among pregnant women, 58% are anemic. Anemia increases risk of maternal death and premature/low birth weight babies. Malnutrition is the key underlying cause of 50% of deaths among children. Awareness about proper diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding is low. Skilled dietitians are often not available in low resource settings. Sevamob addresses this gap via an artificial intelligence engine for diet planning, that can be used by community health workers to make standardized diet recommendations. The solution will be field tested via community health workers in the context of Sevamob's existing popup clinics in urban slums and rural areas. The engine identifies vitamin and mineral deficiencies for each patient based on symptoms and recommends a personalized diet plan. The diet plan is based upon location, income, age group, gender, physical activity, vegetarian vs non-vegetarian diet and allergies and is automatically customized for each trimester of pregnancy. The plan covers all 3 elements - diet, exercise, stress reduction. Project will be sustained beyond grant 100% from generated revenue. This will be from 2 sources: * Sevamob currently provides primary healthcare via popup clinics on a B2B model to schools, employers and beneficiaries of NGOs and corporate CSR. We will be able to close more customer contracts and generate more revenue from existing contracts by providing artificial intelligence based standardized diet planning in all coverage areas * We will license our artificial intelligence engine for diet planning to other clinics/hospitals/NGOs/orgs. More than 500 orgs already use our existing technology platform

Who Benefits?

Our project targets low income population in urban poor, semi-urban and rural areas, earning between $100 - $400 / month, which can act upon the diet recommendations provided by us. During field test phase, we will provide 1600 diet consultations per month using the artificial intelligence engine

How is your idea unique?

* Our solution uses artificial intelligence. This makes it possible to deliver a standardized diet recommendation taking into account a large variety of scenarios and a lot more parameters * By requiring community health workers instead of dietitians, we reduce the cost of delivering nutrition intervention to BoP while standardizing care * Our diet planning recommendation takes into account patient's vitamin/mineral deficiencies * Unlike competing products, our application is customized for low resource and Indian/South African settings

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

Sevamob provides primary healthcare services in under-served urban and rural areas in India and Southern Africa. On a subscription model, our popup clinics provide comprehensive care onsite, which includes consultations, medicines, 26 different rapid tests at point-of-care, dental, vision, ENT, diet planning and more. Our tech platform provides infrastructure for tele-health, patient data management and point-of-care diagnostics to other organizations. Our customers include schools, employers, corporate CSR, NGOs and hospitals. Here is more info about the company: Website: Photos/news of our service: Tech platform: (For demo of Artificial intelligence engine for diet planning, please contact us. We will be releasing a beta version in April 2017)

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.


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Hi Shelley,

What an interesting and creative application of AI. It's clear how your idea tackles prosperity can you share how this project addresses planet?

Additionally, please make sure to include your website or any other clarifying links and resources so we get a full picture of you, your organization and the impactful work you are doing!

Photo of Shelley Saxena

Thanks Ashley. I have added additional info in 'Tell us more about you' section.

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