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AgricConnect Organization

Connecting smallholder farmers to available market to trade through the use of technology to reduce post-harvest losses in Ghana.

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AgricConnect is an organisation that is committed to providing ready market and extension services to farmers through the use of technology. The organization was founded by two (2) young entrepreneurs with years of experience in the agribusiness, Information Communication Technology and integrated community development approaches.

The organization has a web application that is developed to assist smallholder farmers connect to agro-processors, the commodity market and individual consumers for business transactions in rural farming communities across Ghana. This will help reduce post-harvest losses, fair pricing of produce and increase the livelihood of smallholder farmer. We also seeks to provide extension services to farmers in order to produce to meet the quality demanded by the market.

The project will be stationed in five (5) selected districts in the Ashanti region. The criteria for selecting these districts are the high incidence of post-harvest losses, the road networks and the remoteness of the farms to the nearby market Centre.

The project will create a pricing model for the smallholder farmers that will be registered on our platform to create a standardized pricing that will be affordable to the average Ghanaian.

A review of our competitors shows that, we are going to compete with two (2) other licensed business who are providing assistance in one way or the other to farmers. AgricConnect has a competitive advantage of advancing and providing ready market for farmers 24 hours, communicating weather information and educating farmers on certified farming practice.

Benefits derived by farmers, wholesalers and processors ranges from increase in production and income, advertisement of farm produce and commodities as well as providing convenience.

Explain your idea

PROBLEM Smallholder farmers do not have access to ready markets because it’s difficult to find a buyer for their produce and even when they do the price offered allows the buyer to exploit them since they have worries of post-harvest losses. IMPACT OF THE PROBLEM. Post-harvest losses: Lack of market for smallholder farmers to sell their produce after harvest contribute to spoilage of produce. Low income as a result of low pricing of commodity: due to the perishable nature of some farm commodities, farmers rush to sell their produce at a price lower than their investment just to recoup part of the investment they have made. Low production: low income to the smallholder farmers means low investment in the next farming season. This makes the members of the project in dire need to reduce the impact of post-harvest losses by connecting them to the available market, but could not afford to self-fund it. The major problem faced by the project is lack of finances. SOLUTION The idea is to connect smallholder farmers in Ghana to available market (Agro-processors, shopping malls and individual consumers) to trade their commodities.

Who Benefits?

1. The smallholder farmers. 2. The Market (Agro-processors, shopping malls and individual consumers).

How is your idea unique?

AgricConnect is unique and have a competitive advantage of setting a price model for farmers to sell their commodities which will neutralise the bargaining power of both the farmer and buyer and also we provide 24 hours service to farmers as well as introducing them to new and certified farming practices which will help increase the quality of their produce for gain both domestic and international market.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

Nassif is the Executive Director of AgricConnect Organization with a four year experience in Agribusiness Management. He is responsible for the day-day administration of the organization. Nassif is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a part-time student at IPMC College of Technology studying Software Engineering in Ghana. Nassif have worked and supervised over 100 farmers during his national service at the Department of Agriculture in Ghana. Nassif is currently working with Amandze Farms Company Limited as a procurement officer. Nassif is responsible for conducting research and using new technologies to streamline the project's policies. He has also worked on various programs including the go green and power-shift project in Ghana to improve the livelihood of people. Nassif is a self-motivated and creative individual who is passionate about serving people something of value and contributing to solving problems that people are daily faced with. This has been the driving force to becoming an entrepreneur. The organization has a team who are willing to devote their time and work on this idea to make it a reality. Linkedin profile: www.linkedin/nassif dauda

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.


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