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Understand, Enlighten and Give Justice

Justice is misrepresented and misunderstood and hence the need to enlighten on,to give justice for all by all,by governments and leadership.

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Justice is seen wrongly by all presently! Governments and laws are formulated by persons with ulterior motives and backed by force without recourse to the people governed. When governments, extract money from people without giving service, where is justice? When natural resources are extracted by governments and corporations without thinking of the environmental/economic implications to local inhabitants, where is justice? When local militias spring up and begin to kidnap perceived enemies and kill security agents, where is justice? Who is in the right? What is justice? I believe that for there to be justice, there must be a greater understanding, enlightenment and we then can give justice. 'If we all want justice, we must all give justice'.   

Explain your idea

The idea is to give a concrete meaning to justice, teach justice and going on enlightenment campaigns on justice, the governments and leadership everywhere must 'enforce' justice for the good of all. The present day idea of justice is flawed because the weak are not considered. Talk about plea bargain for example,for the rich and the poor going to jail for stealing a bicycle for example. We should properly define justice. The idea will solve the problems of conflict all over the world and give peace a chance.All mankind

Who Benefits?

All mankind will benefit from the idea.

How is your idea unique?

My idea seeks to redefine justice for peace. The unique advantage is that the whole community has to work on this idea and implement it.

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