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Coaches Across Continents' Technology Partnerships Will Bring Learning Outside the Classroom to Conflict Zones

We will design, develop, and implement technology partnerships creating social development through sport in conflict zones

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Coaches Across Continents is a leader in the sport for social impact movement, and provides process consultancy to community based organizations. Using our strategic resources and knowledge learned from our recently piloted technology initiatives, Coaches Across Continents will engage communities in conflict zones and other unsafe areas in our Hat-Trick Initiative using a Technology Partnership pathway.

This will enable local communities to create learning outside the classroom, educating about locally-identified topics such as conflict prevention, child rights, gender equity, health & wellness, and life skills through our award-winning curriculum and self-directed learning methodology.

This idea will minimize risk, increase scope and scale, reduce costs, decrease carbon footprints, and is scalable and replicable.  By working in conflict zones we will be addressing the root causes of conflict, laying the groundwork to develop peace building to violent regions.  Peace is a core component of developing prosperity.  Finally, this scalable approach reduces the carbon footprint by using technology-only resources and limiting all in-person travel.

To create our Technology Partnership pathways, we will rely on our long-term expertise in the field and our year-round strategic resources.  We will look to build an online platform allowing for ease of use and focusing on creating important modules including videos of our curriculum, webinars on how to create creation of women’s and child rights policies, best practices for sport for development coaches, monitoring & evaluation expertise, consultation for organizational development, and more.  This online platform will be supplemented by creation of curriculum content focusing on implementing our self-directed learning methodology and module topics from locally-identified modules.  The online platform would include video, downloadable documents, and comprehension checks as organizations progress through the partnership and implementation on their own timeline.

Finally, each technology partnership would have a specific partnership manager, who is fully supported by the entire CAC resource team.  The Technology Partnership pathway is designed after our highly successful Chance to Choice and ASK for Choice pathways which have been recognized with over 20 major global awards in the past decade.  However it would look to eliminate the On-Field portion and substitute it with Virtual Learning.

If successful, we see this as a key part for the future for sport for development process consultancy, and a dramatic increase in the number of organizations, coaches, and children that we are able to impact on an annual basis while still retaining the essential CAC : Partner personal relationship.

Explain your idea

Coaches Across Continents with Design, Develop, and Implement this new technology partnership that will create legacies of social change through sport in conflict zones and unsafe areas around the world. It will create peace building skills, encourage prosperity through inclusion and equality, and by working across electronic-only mediums be beneficial for our planet. Design: CAC will conduct a Needs Analysis and identify the core modules that would be necessary for a community to great legacies through sport for development in their community. These will consist of short videos, downloadable content, and will include checks for comprehension and feedback loops. From our experience, these will include topics such as creating a safe space for training, our self-directed learning methodology, curriculum modules on key issues, development women’s and child rights policies, creating monitoring and evaluation systems, and more. Develop: Our extensive network already has several universities and organizations who have expressed interest in helping us create an online platform fort this initiative. With this partner, we will build a user-friendly platform with content for each module above. Each module must be completed and unlocked to show mastery of content, which will include feedback loops from the local implementing partner. From this feedback, we can continue to guide the partner and improve the platform. Implement: We will invite community-based organizations around the world to join our technology partnerships. Each community will receive direct instruction and communication from a CAC partnership consultant who will guide them through the various modules on the online platform. CAC will also receive feedback from personal conversations, video evidence, and written questions to continue to guide the partner on building their sport for social impact programming. Legacy: Each community will have the ability to choose their own future and key areas for learning, including conflict prevention and peace building skills, gender equity, child rights, and more. Globally the Technology Partnerships will allow for any community to join the CAC family, regardless of circumstances. CAC is already working in partnerships in hundreds of communities in over 40 countries. We expect that if successful, this could easily double our availability and impact globally.

Who Benefits?

CAC will work with partners in conflict zones, recent conflict zones, and other areas currently unsafe for international travel. These are the most disadvantaged communities where people live in circumstances outside their influence. These citizens are often restricted in their human rights, from gender issues like abuse, rape, and murder; to child soldiers; to health & wellness. However in all of these areas, we see great individuals and communities who are combatting this by setting up their own formal and informal community organizations who use sport as an outlet. CAC knows how to best guide these community organizations to improve their delivery and increase their impact. At present, CAC does not have a platform that will allow for maximum scalability with these groups, and are unable to visit them in person. By looking to work in Technology Partnerships in conflict zones, we will enable ongoing educational opportunities and social development through sport.

How is your idea unique?

CAC is a unique NGO providing process consultancy and capacity building to governments, corporations, and community based organizations around the world in sport for development. The use of technology-only partnerships to reach conflict zones is new for this sector. Our experience working with hundreds of organizations in over 40 countries have allowed us to develop our methodology, curriculum, strategic resources, and delivery to create learning outside the classroom and development opportunities to the most disadvantaged communities in the world. Taking this further, CAC piloted several technology-based initiatives such as webinars to show that this concept is workable. In 2017, CAC is currently piloting technology partnerships with three communities worldwide, all of which are currently conflict zones or recently were conflict zones. We have tremendous confidence that this is scalable and will be extremely successful in creating legacies in extremely trying circumstances.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

Coaches Across Continents is a unique NGO that provides process consultancy, year-round strategic resources, and implementation delivery to empower organizations to create legacies of social change. We are based and registered both in the USA and the UK. Coaches Across Continents empowers communities around the world to choose their own futures. Using the power of sport, our global team of experts delivers strategic resources that enable local leaders to Design, Develop, and Implement social change movements. From gender equality to child rights to conflict prevention, we are committed to helping our partners create lasting legacies of social change. Our Community Legacy Team partners with hundreds of community organizations in more than 40 countries to Design, Develop and Implement year-round sport for social impact programs. Our strategic resources from our Chance to Choice and ASK for Choice Initiatives empower local communities to address key social issues like women's and child rights, gender equity, conflict prevention, health and wellness, and vital life skills enabling them to choose their own future. We also have partnered with organizations supporting UN Global Days such as Peace One Day where we were responsible for their One Day, One Goal campaign. This provided free sport for social impact resource packets to thousands of organizations in over 100 countries. The impact from this single day is estimated at nearly 2 million people. Coaches Across Continents has received numerous accolades for our unique approach and work in this sector, accumulating over 20 major awards over the past decade including multiple Beyond Sport awards and inclusion into the Clinton Global Initiative. Internally we strive to continue to push the envelope of what is possible to achieve through sport. CAC has also partnered with outside research organizations and universities who have expressed a willingness to work with us on this initiative and help us to build a unique platform and continue assessing the success of this initiative as a third party. If successful, Coaches Across Continents will identify key local implementing partners currently working in conflict zones or recent conflict zones around the world. To date we have interest from hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries that may qualify. Each local implementing partner will be invited onto our new Technology platform, and our partnership team will work with them to Design, Develop, and Implement a unique pathway for them. This partnership will create a legacy of learning outside the classroom and social change.

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.


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