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Shelfie (Share yourself)

Fundraising multimedia campaigns for nonprofits to build communities around a common cause to increase awareness and effectiveness.

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 Shelfie (Share yourself) creates fundraising multimedia campaigns for nonprofits. We aim to enhance awareness, engagement, & retention, while creating community around a cause. We work directly with a nonprofit to create a relevant challenge for their cause – think of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for other causes. We gamify it so that donors (users) can compete & win prizes while raising awareness and funds. We recently partnered with Microsoft and our platform will be beta ready in June. 

Explain your idea

Shelfie, is a mobile platform that facilitates engaging photo campaigns for charities. We aim to enhance awareness, retention, and donor utilization through transparency - where funds are spent and how much. By doing so we will be building communities of likeminded individuals around a common cause that they mutually support. Users will see a list of charities hosting a challenge, submit their best photo, have the option to donate and see how much progress the fundraising campaign has made, vote on other submissions and receive votes, and those with the most votes win cool profile achievements and prize packs from the charity. We believe we can enhance retention by building communities around a cause, our loyalty program that will be mentioned later, and helping increase nonprofit efficiency so that more of a donation goes to the actual stakeholder.

Who Benefits?

Our beneficiaries are part of a two-sided platform. The donors are able to save time, give more of a donation, and collaborate with like minded individuals and collaborate to tackle problems collectively. Charities will be able to save more money, and, in turn, increase awareness, engagement, and retention, which all add to their overall effectiveness.

How is your idea unique?

No organization is centralizing donations nor gamifying the process. Think of us as GoFundMe + Instagram + gamification. We are taking the best parts of each idea/platform and creating a powerful tool to help nonprofits. By doing this we make donating more interactive, which helps you better engage with a cause and in turn, feel a stronger donation and willingness to donate. Donors are forced to use watchdog websites due to trust issues with donations, are not actively engaged in charitable causes, and are unable to build long lasting relationships due to a lack of focus by nonprofits. Nonprofits often have drive and passion but a lack of technical infrastructure. They often do not have updated email lists, only reach out to donors when they need something - rather than update them - and are not actively engaged. Donors are either donating or volunteering. Those who volunteer are 80% more likely to donate. People are not actively engaged with nonprofits and that decreases the likelihoo

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

2 co-founders and 5 team members. We are based in Boston! We spend currently 60 hrs/week (separately on this) and with our 5 team members joining this summer we will be devoting all of our time to Shelfie!

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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