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SEdLIC connects all stakeholders through collaboration and efficient use of resources to solve prosperity, peace and planet challenges.

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Background to problem

Sierra Leone, like many other countries in the Global-South, have many charities, international Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), national NGOs, government agencies and other parastatal organizations, working to solve diverse development challenges. Most organizations working in Sierra Leone are either dealing directly or working with other organizations to support programs that touch on prosperity, peace, and planet challenges. These organizations have a combined monetary value worth millions of dollars. In 2013 alone, Sierra Leone received 448 million US dollars in Official Development Assistance (ODA).[1] However, one major challenge that undermines the long term sustainability of most of these community projects is the culture of dependency created by aid expats in poorer countries[2].So much money is spent on foreign professionals but little attention is given to nurturing the growth of the local human resource base in Global-South countries. According to International Organization for Migration (IMO) 35% of total ODA to Africa is spent on expatriate professionals. Much of this exorbitant quota of money, spent on expats could otherwise directly benefit local communities, if local professionals were hired instead.

Complementing to the above problem, another challenge faced by development organization in Sierra Leone, is the lack of effective collaboration. There is no efficient platform dedicated solely for organizations to collaborate on for project development. Because of the lack of such platforms, it becomes hard for organizations to network, share or cooperate on designing and implementing projects for communities even with expensive expatriate professionals. The lack of such platform cost organizations more resources to design projects and less impact on communities. The lack of an efficient collaborative space, further supports the lack of common information poll on past, ongoing, and future projects in the country. This leads to information blackout, which cost organizations more resources in planning and implementing projects[3]. And also inhibits the exchange of best practices and related experiences needed to make organization ready and innovative to solve community problems.

SEdLIC Executive Summary

SEdLIC uses one digital platform to promote the growth and involvements of more local experts in community projects and also promote efficient collaboration among organizations, local professionals and communities. SEdLIC will use the power technology to foster strong collaboration among all stakeholders; strengthen local organizations to succeed more. Especially on projects which addresses prosperity, peace and planet challenges in Sierra Leone.

SEdLIC Project Timeline


  1. Work with college lecturers and students to curate free online education  material covering areas on prosperity, peace, and planet.
  2. Deploy the digital platform with curated learning material and more supplementary learning material in college departments covering prosperity, peace, and planet studies.
  3. Work with college lecturers and students to test the system.
  4. Make improvements to system based on feedback.
  5. Launch several research and project design competition for lecturers to use  SEdLIC's platform and work with local communities to develop frugal project designs to pressing problems at intersection of prosperity, peace, and planet.
  6. Archive research outcomes and designed projects on SEdLIC's digital platform.


  1. Profile organizations working at intersection of prosperity, peace, and planet on SEdLIC platform.
  2. Have organization's test the system by learning how to collaborate on project designs using SEdLIC's archived data on prosperity, peace, and planet done by lecturers and students. 
  3. Make organizations learn how to connect/contact research/project desings professionals and their teams in colleges. 
  4. Make improvement on system based on feedbacks.
  5. Work with lecturers and students to do more research and project designs on community problems at the intersection of prosperity, peace, and planet. 
  6. Update research reports and project archives on prosperity, peace and planet on SEdLIC's platform.

YEAR 3: 

  1. Update and maintenance SEdLIC platform to make it more efficient for professionals and organizations working on projects overlapping prosperity, poverty, and planet for communities.
  2. Start working with organizations to collaborate and directly implement or adapt some of SEdLIC's database of project designs and research  on prosperity,peace, and planet in  local communities. 
  3. Make organizations work with particular SEdLIC's project research and designers in colleges to implement project in local communities.
  4. Record on going project implementation and archive on SEdLIC's platform.
  5. Work with research and project design teams in colleges to do more research and project designs in local communities covering prosperity, peace, and planet problems.
  6. Archive all research documents and project designs on SEdLIC's  platform.
  7. Make all research reports and project designs available online for international view to showcase the status report, best practices on solution bridges intersecting at prosperity, peace, and planet in Sierra Leone.  
  8. Make it possible for international organizations to collaborate with local research and project design teams, local organizations to further work on adapting or implementing SEdLIC's archive of hundreds of research reports and project designs on solutions intersecting at prosperity, peace, and planet challenges in Sierra Leone.








Explain your idea

SEdLIC will use technology (Web and mobile development technologies) to create one digital platform that: 1. PROMOTES GROWTH OF LOCAL PROFESSIONALS: SEdLIC will leverage colleges in Sierra Leone and alternatively transform them into hubs for current and up and coming local professionals. SEdLIC’s digital platform will make available education databases that is curated to fit academic syllabus and also many other learning resources. The main aim is to support colleges to have standard academic resources that makes professional growth thrive. 2. PROMOTE EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION AMONG STAKEHOLDERS: SEdLIC’ digital platform will connect local professionals to organizations working on projects which covers any two of the following areas: prosperity, peace and planet. Local professionals will work with organizations and communities to design ways that communities will best benefit from the collaborative projects. 3. KEEPS RECORDS OF PROJECTS, RESEARCH AND DESIGNS: SEdLIC digital platform will hold records of past and current projects on prosperity, peace, and planet. This access to information, including project reports and data analytics, will help organizations in Sierra Leone and in the diaspora to study past and ongoing projects. Thereby, making organizations evaluate projects to design better future projects at the intersection of prosperity, peace and planet for communities.

Who Benefits?

Youths: Sierra Leone youth in colleges will have access to learning materials that will better prepare them to become local professionals. They will also benefit from hands on experiences, by working with their college lecturers on projects which focus on prosperity, peace and planet. College Lecturers: College lecturers will double as local professionals who will then get hired by local organizations. This will helps their academic credentials and also improve their income. Local Communities: Will enjoy from collaboration with local professionals and organizations to better plan projects intersecting at prosperity, peace and planet. Local and International Development Organizations: will design better and sustainable projects for communities through the use of SEdLIC’s strong collaborative and resource platform.

How is your idea unique?

SEdLIC’s digital technology approach is unique as it: 1. Focuses on building strong infrastructure through empowering local human resource base; that will ensure long term sustainability and strong maintenance culture for ongoing and future community development projects at the intersection of prosperity, peace, and planet. 2. Discourages the need to design new development projects in a country like Sierra Leone; which does not have the right infrastructure to sustain those projects in the long term (10years-above). 3. Makes organizations already working to solve prosperity, peace, and planet issues in Sierra Leone more efficient through strong collaboration with local communities and local professionals. 4. Promotes a step in the right direction to bridge digital divide in Sierra Leone and helps build a more connected and strong local community.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

Leonard Francis Vibbi is a Sierra Leonean who founded Sustainable Education and Economies in Low Income Countries (SEdLIC). Leonard’s dream is to use SEdLIC digital platforms to equip local communities with the right professionals that help build resilient and sustainable communities. He was inspired to form SEdLIC after the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. An outbreak that became an epidemic due to lack of enough local professionals to have prevented or at least stop many loss of lives and properties. Leonard after his first hand experience with the outbreak realized that; until Sierra Leone and other Global-South communities had their own local professionals; no development efforts is truly sustainable. He later launched SEdLIC in 2014, while in college; with the ultimate aim to build local professionals ready to prevent and solve their own problems in Sierra Leone without waiting for foreign aids. Leonard is working with lecturers in community colleges in Sierra Leone to make this happen. Leonard is doing a major in Technology Innovation in Civic Development at St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota. He graduates this May and is excited to go back home and work with the rest of SEdLIC team in Sierra Leone to make Sierra Leone a resilient and sustainable country rich in diverse local professionals.

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.


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Hi Leonard!

What are the plans for the project over the next 1,2 and 3 years?

Is there any chance you could find an image to go along with your post? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

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Thanks Kate.
I will update contribution on SEdLIC soon.