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Reframe the global challenges in a way that everyone sees the value in addressing it

Reframe the challenge to be more human centered and focused as much on the immediate as the future so as to be relevant to everyone

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Currently, a lot of global challenges are framed in an elitist way and often appear hypocritical to many. The way they are framed doesn't convey the value to most people as it does not answer the question "so what?" for them.

Lets take the example of Global Warming or Climate Change. The way it is worded is often a call to action to prevent "polar ice caps" from melting or "stopping ocean creatures becoming extinct". For 71% of the population that lives on less than $10 a day this DOES NOT MATTER because they don't understand what it means to them.

There are however better ways to convey the impact in a more personal, human centered way. For example for almost all of the world's population but especially for the poor, pollution impacts health which in turn impacts education and earning poetntial. Everyone can get understand the value of this in their daily life and get behind that. This does not mean we ignore the long terms impact - in fact quite the contrary. By conveying the importance to people in a way they understand its impact in their lives and can see the value in solving for - we can actually change action in the short term which has long ranging impact.  In doing so this will also impact the policies that local and global political bodies adopt as people become more aware and get behind the restated challenge. Furthermore, rather than seeing it as an economic detriment being levied by developed countries on the developing, this will also help a dialog between the parties

We can also see similar issues with global challenges like children health. We need to reframe the challenge holistically. Currently to someone in a developing country it often feels like a bunch of rich countries and rich people pouring in money to save sick kids because the countries/communities themselves cannot. At the same time, there is a sense  that the healthy kids have no opportunity in terms of education and jobs. An so even if diseases are eradicated and kids become healthy they have no opportunities to build a better life. No one denies we must save kids from diseases that should be eradicated - but again it begs the question "Now what?". By reframing the challenge to be more about quality of life and not just addressing a disease, people can see and gain value. This will also make us think about policies and laws and funding in a more holistic way.

So my idea is to reframe the challenge in a way people can see the value to them, can get behind it and in so doing impact the policy, the law and the economics.

Explain your idea

It will involve reframing the global challenges we face today in a way everyone comprehends and sees the value in addressing the challenge. It will entail a more human centered and less elitist approach. The hypothesis is that in so doing we can truly get people to get behind an issue on a global scale and therefore change policies, laws and economics so as to address the challenge

Who Benefits?

All - Otherwise it won't be Global ? After all how can we solve global challenges if we cannot get the global population behind it - or at least a good portion of it.

How is your idea unique?

When it comes to the people on the ground, there seems to be an increasing sense of a need for reframing the global challenges in a way the local population can understand the importance and see the value in solving these challenges. However this does not seem to be recognized or adopted in practice - often because there is a gap in between the people thinking about the problem and those that are just trying to make ends meet. My idea is to get a community of human centered thinkers to reframe the problem for different communities so it is relevant to them and their loved ones and the challenges they face

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Hi Devendra! Thanks for contributing to the Challenge, and sharing a very thoughtful and human-centered idea. Even though for this Challenge the criteria-- you are a part of a formal organization for at least a year, sharing your idea and getting feedback is an important first step. We will be hosting this same challenge for the next two years so we are excited to see how your work evolves not only in this challenge, but in the Challenges to come! That said if you have formal partnerships please make sure to include them.

For additional resources on designing your post check out this article:

Excited to learn more!

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Thanks I dont work at an organization that is formally involved in world peace, prosperity and /or planet
I will wait for another challenge