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"Muuk Ritual": Inspiring personal transformation, catalyzing systemic change.

Co-creating a disruptive arts/music festival that inspires deep-rooted positive transformation processes on personal and collective levels.

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“Muuk Ritual” is a disruptive and cutting-edge "ritual" (festival) that seeks to inspire personal and collective positive transformation processes in different levels of human behavior (cultural, social, economical, environmental, and spiritual wise). Appealing to the sensorial, emotional, and intuitive realms of the people that will participate in “Muuk Ritual”, we intend to materialise the former intention by co-designing and co-executing different sorts of artistic, musical, playful, interactive and non-conventional experiences.

People can eventually understand some of the underlying causes of global challenges such as climate change. It is also feasible to think that many Colombians are capable to grasp the importance of a local challenge such as undertaking a collective reconciliation process in the current post-peace agreement scenario (lightly called post-conflict) that the country is going through. However, understanding these challenges is usually far away from feeling motivated and committed to do something about them. Logically understanding a challenge is not necessarily followed by individual engagement and active participation. In fact, the fuel for triggering behavioural transformations is usually found in sensorial-emotional driven experiences rather than in mere intellectual-"heady"- processes. It is precisely this body-sensing realm the one that is privileged by the "Muuk-Ritual", therefore increasing the potential of having a deeper and more sustainable impact in regards to the themes that will be addressed during the event (please check out the "Explain your idea" section to learn about the main themes of this initiative).

"Muuk Ritual" consists of a 3-day festival + digital interactive platform (pre and post-physical experience) in which relevant contents are addressed in a fun, inspirational, and deeply transformational fashion (check out the Video: Muuk Ritual - recreated aftermath!). We are fully convinced of the potential of the arts and more body-oriented experiences for triggering positive transformation processes on various levels. We consider that creating participatory, interactive and joyful experiences, articulated with deep reflections and relevant contents, creates a powerful cocktail for inspiring individual and systemic change.

By holding an annual "Muuk Ritual" in heavenly areas of Colombia (and later on hopefully of Latin America and other regions in the world), usually characterised by a historical absence of a strong state presence and institutional services, we will be co-creating with the local communities an event with "glocal" high impact (check the Who Benefits section for more info).

We are aware that the "Muuk Ritual" is essentially a widely collaborative initiative. If you are into designing spaces / creating interactive installations and activities with specific contents and purposes, designing users-oriented events, or simply in the broad business of inspiring positive change through appealing, non-conventional, and impactful means, please let us know! We are sure there will be a lot of space on board (please check out the "Tell us more about you" section to get to know about our multi-organisational team!). With your support, the first version of the "Muuk Ritual" will hopefully be taking place in January 2018 either in the Colombian Caribbean region or in the magical Tatacoa Desert (Huila, Colombia). 

Explain your idea

"Muuk Ritual" is an annual festival, both with a physical and digital manifestation, that creates more holistic communication channels to raise awareness and inspire individual transformation processes. We will have artistic-sensorial activities, interactive workshops and talks that address topics such as alternative economies/alternative economic practices (challenging the money-oriented vision of prosperity and proposing more integral conceptions of well-being and development); sustainability (including the realm of environmental sustainability and, at the same time, being aware of its intrinsic correlation with other sustainability dimensions such as the economic and social); "peaces"-building, as opposed to the conventional notion of peace-building (the current peace agenda in Colombia is quite dominated by the civil-war related peace-building process and we consider it is profoundly crucial to put on the map so many other peace-building related processes that are not directly linked to our internal armed conflict but that have been feeding different types of violence in our country); social entrepreneurship/social innovation; social inclusion; indigenous wisdoms and their current relevance in urban-globalised-western contexts, amongst others. We are aware that, as humans, we are more than thinking beings. Our logical, analytical, and conceptual abilities are crucial in many ways, but often insufficient when it comes to igniting the individual desire to transform deep-rooted behavioural patterns. That is precisely why we create "Muuk Ritual", a holistic and artistic experience that is profoundly captivating and speaks mainly to our sentient beings, to our emotions and intuition. Triggering feelings of deep empathy and individual reflection processes that end up taking the shape of behavioural transformations, imply addressing our whole beings -bodies and hearts included- not only our intellectual realm. In order to inspire in individuals the motivation for transforming some of their thinking and behavioural patterns, we choose creating this interactive and participatory sensorial experience instead of trying to convince or mobilise people with alleged witty arguments, terrifying statistics or dull moral precepts (we find many of these attempts in different contexts -traditional education models, media, activists campaigns, political mobilisation, etc.- and they are clearly not working well). Some of the immediate actions we are (and we have been) undertaking to test our assumptions are the following: 1. Brainstorming from peers working on alternative economies / sustainability. 2. Brainstorming from peers working on 'peaces'-building processes from diverse methodological approaches. 3. Research & Development in the potential impact of arts and sensorial/emotional-driven experiences in people’s behaviours. 4. Prototype festival (small scale) + designing indicators for impact evaluation (base line + 2 or 3 additional evaluations).

Who Benefits?

The "Muuk Ritual" is an annual event that aims to attract and captivate people from different ages (rather than a "children friendly" festival, the Muuk will be designed as a space where grown-ups, families and children can co-inhabit and share the whole experience), from various socio-economic backgrounds (radical inclusion!), and multicultural and diverse profiles. The main beneficiaries will be the following: - The local ecosystem hosting each annual version of the "Muuk Ritual" (human and non-human community all together); - The direct participants / assistants embodying the whole transformative and inspiring set of experiences; - The direct co-creators of the festival (it is extraordinary how we are being moved to constantly "walk our talk") - Current and coming generations (from various nationalities) - Colombian society as a whole (the "Muuk Ritual" can organically turn into a melting pot for transformative ideas and projects with both local and global scope).

How is your idea unique?

"Muuk-Ritual" is not merely an entertainment-oriented conventional music festival; it is an experience that strategically creates a sense of joy, community and amusement in its participants in order to use this emotional disposition as a gateway for inspiring change. Our initiative will be successful because of its authentic methodological approach and because it is based in proven pedagogical premises. Our unique advantages rely on our outstanding sense of commitment and a superbly creative, proactive, and resourceful work team (three strong organisations with experience brought together and complementing the project). We are the ideal partnership for raising awareness, inspiring individual transformation and triggering systemic change through artistic and cultural means. Our approach will allow each hosting community to re-think and collectively manifest their own sense of prosperity, "peaces"-building, and environmental awareness according to their own context and particular needs.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

Hermanos Brothers is a creative platform/business devoted to inspiring personal and collective transformation processes. We utilise music, theatre, arts, audiovisual media, education, and new creative technologies, amongst others tools, to co-create non-conventional, impactful, and disruptive participatory experiences that engage the senses and hearts of our audiences. Our energy is focused on "how" we communicate relevant content with the purpose of inspiring, raising awareness and empowering the people with whom we interact, in relation to various social, environmental and cultural challenges that we currently face, both locally and globally. Our first pilot projects took place between London, South Devon (UK) and Bogotá in 2014-2015. We're currently and happily based in Bogotá, still having part of our team in London. You can learn more about us in (currently being upgraded but still suitable for checking out what we´re into!). Hermanos Brothers' main role in the "Muuk Ritual" will be to define the contents and formats of the different artistic-transformational experiences and to ensure that the "ethos" of the whole initiative prevails through its various phases and components. In the case of "Muuk Ritual" we are strategically partnered with two key allies. Socialab Colombia ( and Páramo ( Socialab is a social innovation center, initially founded in Chile and now present in various Latin American countries -Argentina, Colombia, México, Uruguay, and soon more to come!-, that believes in a new development model based in empathy, collaboration, and human creativity as the key tools to solve the main challenges we are currently facing. Socialab is focused on creating positive social impact on a global scale by seeking and supporting innovative and sustainable social entrepreneurships on an early stage, mainly by connecting people and organisations that have challenges with those who can solve them. Socialab Colombia has been based in Bogotá since they established in 2013. Their main role will be to lead the process of booking the speakers and the facilitators of the various workshops that we intend to hold. Páramo is one of the main concerts production companies in Colombia. They have been active for more than 12 years and they have created iconic music festivals such as "Festival Estéreo Picnic", "Hermoso Ruido", "Sonar Bogotá" (originated in Barcelona and currently a festival with chapters in many cities around the world), and soon the "Lollapalooza Colombia". Páramo is also based in Bogotá. Their main role will be to lead the process of producing the event and booking the bands. The three partners are fully committed to make the "Muuk Ritual" a reality and to establish this initiative as an annual experience, with both a physical and virtual manifestation of the festival, symbiotically taking place in different idyllic landscapes (initially in Colombia).

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered non-profit.
  • Yes, we are a registered social enterprise.
  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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I love this idea and the way it can connect passions, culture, art and fun together in the same place. Is so interesting that people get together in a ritual with this spirit.

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