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I am a peace lover and I believe speaking about unity and appreciating diversity helps break human barriers and environmental conservation

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I am a Kenyan and I have been brought up knowing that the solution to the challenges that face an individual can best be brought forward by the individual.

I am therefore confident that the solution to the areas above lie with us already because the constant factors remain the same. The areas mentioned above are what entails the current challenges: peace, planet and prosperity.

I am confident that there is nothing as powerful as knowledge.

Knowledge is power and this power can only be imparted I'm people by making them aware of the root of the problem, the consequences of the problem, where the consequences become a problem to oneself or others and how to handle that problem in a way that other factors will not be affected negatively or the planet itself will not be affected.

  • Therefore, my idea is that within the respective governments, the nongovernmental organizations and international bodies in various parts of the world, there should be a research and education department that can liase with the respective cpmmunity itself to know the gravity of the problem and get suggestions on possible solutions and make a feedback to the rest of the community.

Explain your idea

My idea is that to deal with a problem, the root must be known and then a respective and suitable solution found. The extent of the environmental damage is not the same in all places. Same to the temperature changes, diseases, poverty and issues on peace. Therefore, making a one approach to be implemented in all places may not be the right solution. However, if people were given the extent of the problem based on their existing condition, they would see a sense. For example, by speaking about deforestation, some may not see the real challenge because their places look good and have not been majorly affected. However, if someone was to engage them to know what their view on climatic change and environmental conservation is, they would be able to bring a good approach and know how best to let them know how to protect and conserve the environment. In other places also, the source of conflicts and wars could be politically induced. These require an education that will also touch the leadership but mainly the electorates to avoid fighting over political issues but seek relevant solutions from relevant bodies. These bodies that can be trusted can best be formed through and by the people not by the government itself or other delegates because they will be used to help these very people. Poverty may also be caused because of drought, corruption, instability, diseases or disabilities or even cultures. Hence to address prosperity, the root cause of the problem would have to be handled. If drought, then develop droughts resistant crops that are stable foods in that community. If corruption then educate the masses. These solutions therefore will be offered based on the root causes. My idea is not to form other organizations but I am championing for a joint approach and this only be possible if their efforts are focussed on what the people have revealed. If an organization for example in place X offers vaccines and another organization in the same place is educating the people on HIV/AIDS it would be better if they had a form of communication so as to join forces by making their approach address the root: prevention and not treatment. Hence, the only way to have such a collaboration is by education. Education to empower the community. Education on how the planet (Climate change causes and the effects such as global warming) affects prosperity (such agricultural activities, effects of diseases) and how prosperity affects peace (conflicts caused by land wrangles, cattle rustling). The education on the vice versa would be true. Peace brings about prosperity. Lack of peace leads to poverty and also affects the planet (environmental degradation and emergence of new diseases e.g. Cancer due to the use of nuclear weapons). Therefore, an educative approach would be good without neglecting the need to address emergencies such as relief food, medicines, rescue efforts and peace efforts in the affected areas.

Who Benefits?

The youth especially, 18-25 year olds. The youthful population are who make the major single population in Kenya mainly, and especially western Kenya. This is mainly in Kakamega and also the areas I'm northern Kenya, Turkana without neglecting Kericho. The second beneficiaries would be the adolescents mainly especially in both primary and secondary schools and universities. Self empowerment will be a major part of the work to be done through education. The area on STIs, sex, education and peaceful coexistence will not be left behind. Also, environmental conservation efforts will be an area of interest such as planting trees and also how to keep the environment clean. These efforts will include water usage also.

How is your idea unique?

The idea is different because a specific age group is being handled. It will also include making people be empowered at a young age so as to be able to come up with individual projects so as to reduce poverty levels caused by unemployment. It is also unique because it will be an outreach to the youth who are now targets for those engaging in crimes and other illegal activities. It is also unique because a youthful generation can best be approached by a youthful generation by reaching out to them where they are and not them making countless attempts reach out to those who have some solutions for the challenges that face them.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Research & Early Testing: I am exploring my idea, gathering the inspiration and information I need to test it with real users.

Tell us more about you

It is a small team from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology main campus in Kakamega, Kenya. The name is Team Tour because our main aim is tour, reach out, to the youth in the areas Learn about them as we take them through some talks on the topics that would have been prepared. Most of the team members including me are students pursuing Bachelor of Science in Global Community Health and Emporiatrics hence we understand how a challenge in one area may affect people in a different part of the world. We have gone through many courses and also been taken through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) hence learned how and why they were not achieved hence need for the Sustainable Development Goals. We would like to be given a hand because we are at our early stages and thus a little help could help us be on our toes. We also understand the need to preach peace and make the youth aware of the need for peaceful coexistence as we head towards the General elections in August. Our efforts are mainly towards those in schools and the universities and are aimed at ensuring good health, peace, empowerment of the youth and environment conservation and management. We are currently based in Masinde Muliro University, Lurambi subcounty, Kakamega county in western Kenya. This is because we come from different parts of Kenya but are students in the university. Our current location has a high population also. The second most populated area after Nairobi, the capital city. The team has officials of five members out of the founding members who were twelve. The team is growing and therefore, the officials will give direction by leading as role models. We, however, encourage team work in the group. It will therefore be upon the team to ensure our objectives are met in time.

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

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Hi Kibet, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.