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Little but real contributions - Local actions for global challenges

Learn the way to contribute to global challenges, and get recognition and even a way of life.

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The problem For people in real world contexts is not easy to make strong contributions to global challenges, and at the same time deal with life challenges, scarcity and urgency. For example, we all know the need to reduce pollution and wastage, but sometimes it seems that we are too busy and too small to make a significant contribution.

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The Opportunity However, if we manage to propose little but real and meaningful actions to people, they might adopt them, and even make them their way of life. Nthing more powerful, than business models that adress social or environmental problems, and create prosperitu at the same time. The Solution "Little but real!" is a platform to propose actions that really adress global challenges... for example, cut with disposables. If you avoid disposables you are making a little but real impact. People would be able to propose little but real actions, get inspiration from others, and if you really take action, you could recieve social recognition, benefit from sponsors, and even make it your way of life. So for example, if David proposes the action "Cut with disposables" he gets 100 points for every person he inspires to take action. If david cuts with disposables for a month he may get 100 points as well. With those pounts he may get rewards from sponsors, companies that are commited with taking care of the environment. But even better, David may make "Cutting with disposable" his way of life, with the support of the sponsors he may create a business model to reduce the use of disposables, an alternative product or a campaign.

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Practical and action-oriented. Potentially inclusive and with an interesting marketing plan it could even become trendy in young audiences (that would kick it off!). It would be interesting to know more about the incentives mechanisms that you envision for this kind of platform to work (both to incorporate individual users and the supporting companies -B corps could be interested!-). The 'Empresas B' movement in Latin America could be a good ally. Let me know how it evolves... I would be happy to support somehow. Carry on!

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