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Game design concept for visually impaired children to make them physically more active, improve motor skills, play with other kids.

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Concept: Floormath is a game with multi-sensory experience which can be played irrespective of having a visual impairment, bringing all kids at same platform, introducing a fun way of learning and feeling delightful. It is a chart with a square tile grid, spread on the floor on which the players walk and the instructions are given by the Interactive voice response system. The game is inspired from snake and ladder in which the player needs to solve math problems to move forward. The mat will be devised with the going in and out braille numbers or letters depends on the mode chosen. Interactive voice response generates questions based on math problems and to answer one has to reach out to the correct tile and press the button or jump on the tile to proceed further.

The game will be there on the mobile triggering the mat to start and stop the game, choosing what we want them to teach either numbers or letters and once they are finished keeping the  track of activities  of the children for further enhancement boosting confidence and mortar skill.

User testing: We used Tapes to form a grid on the floor and wrote numbers which gave a feel of the floor game. We asked the math teacher and other visually impaired students to play the game with us. We narrated the questions and instructions which helped them to play.

Problems that we came across while stimulating this activity:

- Not getting the starting point and the angle of change in direction

- Walking out of the mat whenever they had to turn

- Walking along the grid, did not using the center of the mat

Explain your idea

Functionality and Scalability: Finally with all the feedback and understanding, we designed various textured surfaces to assist walking in the right direction, turning correctly and moving on the mat swiftly through tactile surface. The concept of this interactive mat is expandable by providing variety of games patterns for example making to learn them vowels letters, and addition subtraction and so on, catering to different age groups. This can be made available in various sizes depending upon the use and number of players, for example: It can be used by a school for multiplayer experience and a smaller version which can be used by siblings at home.

Who Benefits?

The idea is to bring Visually impaired children with their siblings or other children who can see. Which will help them to increase moral and self-confidence and in a future a team player while they will be socially acceptable. Rehabilitation centers, kids learning program, schools at an early stage will get benefited from the idea.

How is your idea unique?

We observed that these kids had very less engagement in community life and hardly could participate in recreational or leisure activities. To dive deeper in our search, We visited many schools which supported the visual impaired kids from age group 3 to 25 years. After spending enough time and interviewing many such students and their teachers, an acute problem was discovered, that is, the inability to take parts in activities with their siblings and friends lead to developing an inferiority complex. We also found a couple of tactile games which lacked to provide any kind of physical activity, hence these kids where showing signs of obesity, incorrect body postures and difficulty in balancing.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

Currently we are working in IT industry at distinguished location as an user experience designer. I work in Gurgaon at Nagarro software private ltd. and Preksha work at samsung. We want to collaborate and work together for this learning and teaching platform aiming as an universal design concept. Which will bring an environment of shoulder to shoulder upbringing of children boosting self confidence. Both of us will be able to devote time based on the time feasible to us on regular basis to bring this in to reality. We will be working on interactive voice response system behaviors and mobile app for this game. Further improvising the idea by simulating the prototype with children and one or two engineers who help in coding and technology part, since we both are from retail industry we both understand the application of material and bring it for a larger set of audience.

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Other

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Hi Vineeta!

Thank you for sharing this project. I like the way that it is for everyone.

Have you checked out the evaluation criteria?

Would you be able to tell me how you bridge two or more of peace, planet and/or prosperity?