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Low Cost Sustainable Homes, constructed by the same people and made of a plastic/organic material.

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According to the United Nations and the World Bank, around one quarter of the world’s urban population continues to live in slums and informal settlements. Only in Colombia the last government research reported that 27% of the current homes are not adequate for living. Although this number tends to decrease thanks to government policies and the private sector efforts, still there is a lot of work to do. We believe in human potential as a fundamental resource for this change, empowering people with training in areas related to sustainable construction, allowing them to construct their own homes and with an optional source of income producing pellets of recycled plastic used to manufacture more material. In this way we offer a low acquisition cost home, with low cost of public services and we helping the environment. We obtain funds by means of a crowdfunding platform in where each home is divided in 101 parts which are bought and donated independently by people and companies from all over the world. People buy from one element up to the entire home. Financing process is tracked in real time as same as the construction of each home which lasts only 5 days. Collaborators names appear in a printed block in the real home and they also see a map with the exact location where the home was constructed. In case of emergencies due to natural disasters, our platform serves as a efficient and safe way to connect people in need with people that want to help in an innovative way. Victims receive a completely equipped home in a record time and collaborators know exactly where their help is going to.

Who Benefits?

People without an adecuate place to live. People in a displacement condition due to violence or natural disasters.

How is your idea unique?

We empower people to be game changers of their own future. between our advantages are: 1. One quarter of the world population lives in non adequate places. - United Nations -. 2. By 2030 3 Billon people will need new housing and infrastructure. It means 300millon new housing units. - World Bank -. 2. 2.12 Billon Tons of waste are produced globally in a year. 46 % is organic and 10% is plastic waste. - World Bank -. (Although we use waste of coffee and recycled PVC, any organic/plastic combination might be used. This allows scalability. The government si also addressing the housing problem. With our process we offer three main differentiators: 1. Lower cost. In this way we can construct more homes with the same amount of capital invested. 2. Using human potential to allow people construct their own sustainable homes. 3. Don't use of government capital for funding. This allows government to use the capital in different necessities like education and health.

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  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

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Bogota - Colombia

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  • 1-2 years

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