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Educational Family Estate Apps Legal Guides

Educational Family Apps utilizes web based technology to provide important legal information and education affordably to the public.

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Educational Family Apps utilizes web based technology to provide important legal information and education affordably to the public which has suffered pervasive poor access. In fact, regardless as to whether the population lives urban or rural, access to justice is still inadequate in the U.S.[i] and is a problem experienced across the globe. In fact, low access to quality legal representation can have a profound negative impact on human rights and the protection there of, eroding further the rights of everyone. Clearly, having access to legal education and representation are important bridges to assuring peace and prosperity. 

Educational Family Apps is present in the United States and desires to seek tax exempt status through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. While it is a novel concept, the website ( is also relatively new. It was complete on August 01, 2015. I am the sole authority of the two legal Guides currently available. In addition to the Guides, a Guest Writer Series is part of the website, having a separate tab and show cases the legal knowledge of other attorneys and professionals. 

More often than not, a legal professional will not impart knowledge generally to the public out of concern for legal liability or pure lack of interest. Generally, the role of an attorney interested in selling services is not to educate the public unless services are purchased. Many people can’t afford attorney’s fees and therefore go without the education, too. Online legal Guides provide additional benefits, since they are convenient and private.

Educational Family Estate Apps is the first set of two legal Guides, one for the at-large adult population and the other for American Indians. It thoroughly discusses the topics related to Estate Planning and Child Guardianship. While there is overlap, the American Indian Probate Reform Act Legal Guide is particularly important as it provides a legal resource to American tribes and impoverished tribal communities. It contains a downloadable model Last Will and Testament compliant with the federal national probate system, except as it doesn’t apply to tribal members with restricted or federal trust lands of the Five Civilized Tribes (Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee and Seminole), Osage and native communities in the State of Alaska).

The American Bar Association has recognized that a “well-functioning civil justice system….” provides individuals who have disputes the options they need and provides reasonable means to resolve those disputes rather than resorting to violence or intimidation to settle the conflict.[ii] Protection of fundamental rights assumes people have basic information and opportunities to learn about what comprises those rights! Sometimes having the information first can avoid undue confiscation of those rights and can conceivably make a more peaceful world! I believe it starts with legal education. 




[i] Howard Lintz, Yallana McGee et. al., A Basic Human Right: Meaningful Access to Legal Representation (June, 2015) <>.  

[ii] Id. at 5, citing WORLD JUSTICE PROJECT, THE WJP RULE OF LAW INDEX 2015, 4 (2015) available at




Explain your idea

There are two fundamental problems. Currently, access to legal education is hinged in fact on the ability to afford legal services. While individuals are waiting to afford a private attorney or manage to gain the attention of a a non-profit legal organization which often has more demand than capacity, individuals should have access to legal education. Until the legal professional is more responsive and takes its role in public advocacy more seriously, I have created a legal Guide service titled, Educational Family Estate Apps. The current topics are in Estate Planning and Child Guardianship. By having convenient ("all in one"), affordable access to legal education, people's fundamental interests in housing, employment, family, sustenance, and more have greater protection and are less vulnerable to erosion. The initial two (2) Guides are available on all e-Readers and mobile devices for $30.00. I am open to partnering to help make this available through licensing agreements and provide en bulk access.

Who Benefits?

The public are the beneficiaries. I have read that only about 10% of parents have made preparation and planning of estates (to make it work now and for the future generation(s)) and understand why voluntary legal Child Guardianship ensures government authorities don't have unfettered access to vulnerable orphans or under emergency, the provision for children can have a smoother transition. I care enough about people to give them the information they need or should have and see that as my moral duty.

How is your idea unique?

While some of the information in my Guides can be found here or there on the web, I have rarely seen it all in one location. In most cases, this sporadic access is intentional to encourage the purchase of legal services. My sole objective is public education. Individuals must have internet or a mobile device on one hand (mail requests are accepted) when using my service. Alternatively, it requires people to have the time or education to fetter out the needed information if they chose to spend the time looking themselves. I give my specific insights into the topics which can be unique themselves and I chose to discuss things I personally have found to be avoided or not openly shared, such as the discussion about the pregnancy exemption in various States that over-ride the individual authority to create Health Directives.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

It has been under a sole proprietor business model. However, I am going to formalize the business in the State of Washington and eventually, apply for 501 (c) (3) status through the I.R.S. The first step in securing that filing status in my state will be completed before the April 07, 2017 deadline.

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • No, but we plan to register in the future.


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