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Promoting Access to Skills Acquisition towards Youth Engagements, Employment opportunities,Peace and Climate Sustainability in Africa

It is an online platform that connects African youths and disadvantaged people to affordable technical/vocational trainings and trainers

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ConnectApprentiz is an online technological driven platform that provides cost-effective and time saving matchmaking opportunities for the prospective African apprentices and vocational training services providers in both the formal and informal sector of the economy while facilitating on-the training and post-training support services. Restructuring and unconstrained accessibility to skills acquisition is an inevitable path to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) development, youth engagement  and employment opportunities for over 250 million unemployed and under-employed vulnerable Africans which are majorly poor youths, young adults, physically challenged, uneducated, early school leavers and graduates of the formal school system that are roaming the streets of Africa without any means of secured livelihood or any form of social security system. Despite the fact that SME sector in Africa  contributes and drive about 40% (US$1.3 Trillion) of the GDP of the continent, yet its full potential has not be maximized  due to institutional voids and infrastructural deficits that plague Africa.
Our business model is very close to that of Uber Taxi and the ConnectApprentiz online platform is currently at the development stage but we have tested our idea through brick and wall (offline) model and we were able to register about 28 trainers and connected more than 8 trainees up to date. We plan to innovatively harness the potential of online technology by providing an end-to-end skills  and SME development  value chain services that will fill the institutional voids that undermines the SME development and skills acquisition in Africa such as poor accessibility to trainers/ mentors / e-learning resources, financial and logistics challenges, poor access to post-training supports & services coupled with poor market access among others.
ConnectApprentiz platform will be featuring Apprenticeship Hub, Recruitment-Hub, Mentorship Forum, Sponsorship hub (An African Apprenticeship Support Initiative that empowers the most African vulnerable and poor that cannot afford training fees and post-training costs), Apprenticeship Discount Cards, Apprenticeship Micro Insurance Scheme and online Shopping Hub that facilitates market access in terms of buying, selling and door-steps delivery of made in Africa goods, affordable production & raw materials, SME tools & machineries and  E-training resources.
Moreover we also plan to establish youth clubs and engage the youths and young adults that connects to the trainers of choice through ConnectApprentiz as Peace Ambassadors ,Save Cyber Space Ambassadors  and Climate Protection Ambassadors among others.
Presently we have engaged the partnership of one of the largest Artisan groups in Nigeria (Ondo-State Artisan groups); a group that comprises of about 80 different artisan unions and associations with overall membership population of about 500,000 people (majorly informal trainers) to drive the pre-pilot  and the pilot phase of the project in Nigeria.
As an indelible part of enviable innovations that promotes human capital and skilled workforce development, youth engagement, market accessibility for SME stakeholders, climate sustainability and socio-economic renaissance in Africa, we plan to use the 18 months pilot scheme to connect about 100,000 self-funding and sponsored trainees to their desired training programs and the respective trainers while linking about 50,000 start-ups to available post-training supports and opportunities.



Explain your idea

THE IDEA: Is to use an online platform to provide end-to-end skills acquisition value chain in Africa while enabling unconstrained access to quality and affordable technical/vocational training programs towards employment opportunities, security values and youth engagements among others. AIM: 1) To promote unconstrained access to skills development and acquisition towards boosting employment opportunities and infrastructural development in Africa. 2)To use economies of scale to reduce cost of technical and vocational trainings in Africa 3) To promote poverty alleviation , wealth creation and food security in Africa . 4) To provide a sustainable eco-system that will promote recurring interactions and coexistence of African SME stakeholders towards knowledge exchange, inter-cultural communication, market access and cross-border trades in Africa. 5) To link and provide periodic update on available opportunities for the stakeholders e.g. loans, grants, contracts, co-working space, partnerships, internships etc. 6)To promote cost-effective e-learning and borderless skills acquisition in Africa 7) To promote youth engagement towards peace and climate sustainability in Africa 8) To enable the poor and the disadvantaged people in Africa an access to skills acquisition and empowerments HOW IT WORKS 1) ConnectApprentiz will provide a platform that enables the registration of technical and vocational trainers who are specialists in about 400 informal and formal training programs and the prospective trainees can visit the platform via their mobile or internet enabled devices and easily connect to the trainers of their desired training programs within their localities or alternatively access borderless e-learning tools and resources via our e-learning resources center while saving money on daily logistics. 2)The trainees will pay the training fees through the portal and ConnectApprentiz will deduct commissions from it and remit the balance to the trainers' bank accounts. 3)To enable market access and recurring interaction and engagement of the stakeholders on the platform ConnectApprentiz provides use case applications such as online forum, online shopping hub(SME market), Updates on available opportunities, ratings, youth clubs among others. 4)To ensure equal learning opportunities for all, we plan to establish Sponsorship hub ( African Apprenticeship Support Initiative); an empowerment program that enables free technical/vocational trainings and post training support services for the poor and disadvantaged people in Africa who can not afford training fees through the technical and financial supports from trainers, NGOs, governments, philanthropists, multilateral and private organizations. Our platform enables the sponsors to log-in, view and monitors the periodic performance and assessments of their sponsored trainees. 5)Please visit the Platform through ,it is presently at 60% completion)

Who Benefits?

BENEFICIARIES (1) Early School Leavers (2) Secondary School Leavers (3) Arabic School Leavers (4) Vulnerable and Physically Challenged Youths (5) Unemployed Graduates of Tertiary Institutions (6) Under-employed people that needs extra source of income (7) Trainers/Entrepreneurs (8) Continent of Africa BENEFITS 1)The idea will promote unconstrained accessibility to human capital and skilled workforce development in Africa 2)The idea will promote market access, secured livelihood, boosting of SME productivity and employment opportunities towards prosperity in Africa. 3)The idea will enable youth engagements in peace and security building, fighting against Cyber Crime , Climate and environmental protection in Africa. 4)The idea will promotes e-learning and borderless exchange of ideas, inter-cultural communication and cross-border trades towards coexistence of Africans. 5)The idea will promotes agricultural development and food security in Africa

How is your idea unique?

ConnectApprentiz is more than using of technological driven and cost saving matchmaking algorithm for connecting the prospective African apprentices and trainees to an affordable technical and vocational training programs (trainers) within their localities or provision of cost-effective e-learning and post-learning support opportunities but a one-stop-shop eco-system of an end-to-end skills acquisition and SME development value chain platform that provides the missing links in repositioning of skilled workforce development ,Small and Medium Enterprises sector in Africa towards peace , prosperity and the planet renaissance. Therefore ConnectApprentiz is an agent of human capital development, employment opportunities, SME market accessibility, youth engagements, environmental protection and climate sustainability, agricultural development, poverty alleviation, peace and security building, inter-cultural communication, cross-border trades and socio-economic renaissance in Africa.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

I am a farmer, entrepreneur , ICT consultant and a Professional Member of Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (Computer Society), Member of Information System Security Association and member of International Association of Enterprise Architects and the CEO/MD of ECDCC Technologies Nigeria Limited and founder of I started my career path and development in an ICT firm (DRP Nigeria Limited) through on-the-job trainings where I qualified as a Data and Voice Network Administrator and Certified VSAT Technician. I rose to the position of Project Manager (Data Planning and Transmission) in year 2008 , the position that entailed the supervision of planning, deployment and commissioning of Wireless Network Infrastructure,Satellite Communication Systems,Data Transmission and distribution solution while liaising with the project stakeholders, gaining feedback and securing support solutions by communicating it convincingly, through technical reports to the management for decision makings.I retired voluntarily in year 2011 and worked briefly with Staff and Crown Nigeria Limited as a Managing Consultant before establishing ECDCC Technologies Nigeria Ltd ,an ICT solutions and services provider. I hold portfolio of multiple projects and pending patents in smart card solutions, fin-tech, utility metering systems, Agric-tech/enterprise solutions and social impact platforms. Presently I am attending a Business Management Program on Entrepreneurship powered by Harvard University.

Expertise in sector

  • 5-7 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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Photo of Carolina

What about those that cannot afford the training program and want the training? Is there some type of financial aid available to them?

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Hi Carolina,
ConnectApprentiz is a socially responsible investment and provision has been made for the poor and the disadvantaged people that cannot afford training fees through our SPONSORSHIP HUB (African Apprenticeship Support Initiative).
African Apprenticeship Support Initiative (SPONSORSHIP HUB) is an apprenticeship support and empowerment program that provides free vocational training opportunities and post training support services for the poor and the most vulnerable people that cannot afford their training fees in Africa through technical support and financial sponsorship from individuals, diasporas, NGOs, governments, philanthropists, multilateral development agencies, public and private organizations. The sponsorship Hub is embedded with secured online performance evaluation system that enables each of the sponsors to log-in, view and monitors the periodic performance evaluation and assessments of their sponsored apprentices/trainees till the completion of the training programs. Some of the sponsored trainees will be engaged has the brand ambassadors of the sponsors during and after their training programs.

Photo of Carolina

Sounds like a great program!!! Look forward to seeing its positive results!

Photo of Olumide Martins Temenu


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