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Collaborative Model for Innovative Problem Solving

!dea Soup taps the talents of ALL stakeholders and empowers them to effectively create and share workable solutions to their own problems.

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Explain your idea

The BridgeBuilder challenge defines the "problem" in two differrnt ways. In one instance: "How might we work together to design and innovate for the global good?" In answer, !dea Soup uses a radically new, refined process to organize how we can all work together to design and innovate for the local, regional, and global good.    Another problem interpretation of the Challenge is: How to address the urgent global challenges at the intersection of Peace, Planet, and Prosperity in radically new ways? Again, the new model for innovation and problem solving in this submission is designed to effectively: 1. Encourage individual stakeholders to contribute their ideas, skills, and talents in exchange for some of the resulting PROSPERITY for themselves, their families, their clan, or their community. and, 2. Organize and facilitate collaborative groups that facilitate self-directed problem solving at the local and regional levels... leading to both PEACE and PROSPERITY. and  3. Enable the cooperative sharing of workable solutions around the world, resulting in protection and healthy respect for the PLANET. As suggested, a highly-generalized "User Experience Map" might involve: a. Someone, somewhere, somehow has or isolates a need or problem. b. That person comes to local !dea Soup group for possible solutions. c. Within the local group, the problem or need is presented.  d. Possible solutions are brainstormed and/or research into how others have solved similar problems is done. Alternatively, members of the group might start trying new things to try to solve the problem. e. Through the collective talents and collaboration of the group, a solution is found and implemented. f. Those who have contributed, share in any and all resulting rewards. g. All solutions are shared with other groups around the world. If we look at the above user experience map, we understand that some people love to isolate problems, while others are good at and love to do research, and still others are truly gifted tinkerers who simply enjoy trying out things. We have all likely experienced these different skill sets, gifts, and passions in others. However, current models do not typically respect and reward these skill sets ... sometimes those who recognize problems are labeled as complainers, or those who like to try things out as crackpot tinkerers. How often do we see the person or community with a problem actually rewarded for defining and isolating it? Or how often does that same person tries to come up with a solution that has little chance at working? Not because the problem is just imagined, but because they are really not gifted as problem solvers. Of course, on a larger scale, we have witnessed large GMO or for-profit companies try to force a unworkable solution that does not work into a community it was intended to help. In contrast, we at !dea Soup wish to explore working with Building Bridges and the GHR foundation to change all that!

Who Benefits?

We feel that everyone, everywhere, as well as the environment and the planet, now and in the future will benefit through collaborative problem solving enabled by this proposal. Specifically.... At the intersection of Peace and Prosperity we see that nations do not go to war with each other if they are trading partners. Furthermore, people, religions, and clans do not fight each other for resources or increased power if they have the means to cooperate and become prosperous. At the intersection of Prosperity and Planet, local communities are often best at dealing with local issues and utilizing local resources. Multinational companies cannot come in to exploit cheap labor or extract limited resources if people are fully empowered to provide for the collective self-interest. At the intersection of Peace and Planet, negating unwarranted fear of others by developing mutual respect could help shut down the industrial-military mentality and thus save or redirect precious resources.

How is your idea unique?

!dea Soup brings together ordinary people, creative individuals, and professionals to initiate and complete projects laser focused on finding solutions to problems. The model also ensures that those that contribute are fairly rewarded for their work, based upon the precept of shared risk for shared reward. In contrast, Crowd Based innovation made popular during the last decade works in some cases but it does not encourage true collaboration among all possible contributors. Not to be critical of OpenIDEO, but challenges similar to this solicit solutions from individuals and not diverse groups. Similarly, for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations typically force people into groups based upon skill sets, with each group fighting to maintain their "turf" and funding. Rather than "silos", !dea Soup lets everyone do what they enjoy doing while eliminating the impediments that stand in the way of effective collaboration which exist in conventional approaches to innovation.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Full-scale roll-out: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the users I am trying to reach with my idea. I am ready to expand the pilot significantly.

Tell us more about you

!dea Soup was created by a group of creative thinkers, bold entrepreneurs, and enlightened contributors in the U.S., New Zealand, and Britain with a combined experience of over 300 years. These experts have spent most of their careers developing and taking product concepts, workable solutions, and services to "market". Through these many decades of experience (and frustration), it became apparent that a new process was needed to take raw ideas, whether they be for new products, works of art, or contributions to charitable causes and efficiently develop them into self-sustaining solutions.... while equitably rewarding all parties involved, and benefiting society in general. The old models were not working or were terribly inefficient. Of course, the !dea Soup model has evolved over the last ten years as we discovered what really motivates people to do things, as compared to sitting on the sidelines and observing. The incentive portion of the process was changed, along with implementing a means to allow members to take over a project that has stalled from lack of attention. On a more personal basis, Tom Kruer is the founder of this virtual entity. During his 40 year career, Tom has worked with over 50 for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations around the world. Tom and his collaborative teams of diverse contributors have created over 300 solutions to some of the most mundane and some of the toughest challenges every faced. Many of these solutions have resulted in extremely profitable commercial products that have changed markets, but others have helped address pressing global issues like extremely efficient irrigation systems, disaster relief, and malaria vector mosquito control. The approach taken to improving the world and all things that inhabit it, along with this model, is always focused upon cooperation and mutually beneficial collaboration rather than competition and aggressive comparisons. In this way, we are using the model to improve the model. Therefore, we at !dea Soup welcome all input and suggestions from anyone.

Expertise in sector

  • 7+ years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.

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Photo of Celia Gates

Love !dea Soup - Tom, perhaps we can connect?! I see synergy in our thinking. Best wishes, Celia

Photo of Tom Kruer

Hi, Celia:
Sorry for the delay getting back to you. The life of an entrepreneur tends to be full of distractions.
Love "Global Brainstorm" Let's work together to change the world.
May I propose that we wait a few days and see if OpenIDEO and Building Bridges wish to be involved in bringing us those of us that have presented similar concepts together prior to moving out on our own.
I will not speak for you, but I suspect that it would be fine by both you and me if OpenIDEO takes the credit for bringing us together... since they did! Besides, more important things to deal with these days than over inflated egos.
Peace, Tom

Photo of Tom Kruer

Good afternoon, Celia:
Looks like we may be doing this without Building Bridges directly involved.
Can we connect by Skype or WhatsApp to talk?
May wish to involve other people with similar proposals.
What do you think?

Photo of Celia Gates

Hi Tom - yes sure! I think I've found you on Skype - let set up a chat soon and go from there.

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