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Cadena Renovable: Renewable Chain empowering women by training in solar energy

A network that forms a ecosystem to give access to renewable energy, inform, install, empower and training to give a job opportunity

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Cadena Renovable is a network to give access to renewal energy thought solar energy, inform, install and empower.

We training to give an opportunity for people who don´t have a job, we training them in solar energy and as a result they become skilled labor, with women focus and integrated them to the solar energy industry.

We empowered to have: a job opportunity, quality education and integrate women to the solar industry. We solve problems like job creation, gender equality, access to energy, quality education, end of poverty, end hunger, climate action. 

We address urgent global challenges at the intersections of peace, prosperity, and planet because we offer an ecosystem, as a result to offer an opportunity  we can give peace, prosperity and care to the planet, ones they cover the basic needs the family can grow to provide education, access to food, a life style with dignity.  

When a woman has access an education and a job opportunity, this extends to her close circule and that´s the begin a community the intersection in the urgent global challenges. 

We need to star one by one, and the only way to do it it´s start with the people who don´t have an opportunity, build a bridge between the community and the person in orden to make and strong tie.  

Explain your idea

This idea is a program to be part a social enterprise, we training to give opportunities for people who don´t have a job, as a result they became skilled labor, with a women focus to integrate them to the solar energy industry. It tackles the problem of have an equilibrium in the intersections of peace, prosperity, and planet because we have a lack of job creation, access to gender equality and general opportunities and although the industry is growing there is not women opportunities to work and also the industry need skilled labor and there is not women trained. It addresses the problem by solve problems like job creation, gender equality, access to energy, quality education, end of poverty, end hunger, climate action. This intersect peace, prosperity and planet care, because it´s a events chain, when we star to change the reality for a person by providing an opportunity, this is united one by one to have peace, make prosperity by better opportunities and that will be to care about the planet and because we offer to be trained in the solar industry we provide information to take care of the planet. We training women for 6 months at the firths stage in order we can integrated them in the industry, because the solar industry is one of the most jobs increase industries, but the skilled labor is not enough and in the other hand we have so many people who don´t have a job opportunity but also they didn´t have a education access, the batter way to solve this is to give training give a women a skill to integrated them to a job opportunity.

Who Benefits?

Women are the focus, because they are the social sector who don´t have the same opportunity to study and also when you empowered a women they can involve their family, the closers ones and also when they have kids it is the better way to cut the poverty chain and also to get a most powerful impact in the society. Women and girls who wants to be part in the solar energy industry

How is your idea unique?

We create a community to empowered the women and create opportunities, in order to give a skilled labor, we want a long term result, it´s to give a tool to created an opportunity. We involve people who buy a solar system to help in some way, but as a business we are a social business where we work to sell solar systems and to start the training groups. we involve academy and the industry to create the opportunities, we need to do a chain to help but not as a simply charity, we need to empower women and also men to access a better life style.

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototyping: I have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing my idea.

Tell us more about you

We are an organization and also a social business, we want to star with the training program because we involve an inform people about climate change and the importance to change to clean energy and as a business we are looking for sell solar systems in order we can have resources to start the trainings, we believe the social impact as a way to resolve the big problems our society face, and as the way to give a real benefit to the world. We are based on Mexico City, and we are focus in the City because is one of the biggest contributor of the pollution, where we need to create more job opportunities and also where we need to change to renewal energy. Mexico has a great opportunity with it geographic zone to take advantage of the solar energy that we recibe, but our idea can be developed in all the work, because in our planet we have the same problems only with a different face and location, but all need access to a job opportunity and we need to change to renewable energy in order to mitigate the Climate Change. We are a small team who are looking for to grow and we need support in order to can do it. Cadena Renovable is giving information and now our efforts are to achieve the trainings, you can find more about us in

Expertise in sector

  • 1-2 years

Organization Filing Status

  • No, but we plan to register in the future.

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Talk me through the training process - is it like Barefoot College? How do you identify the women to be trained and convince them to join you?