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Bridging Peace, Stability and Prosperity

Fighting Bullying means promoting Empathy which will translate into promoting Peace, Mental/ Economic Stability and Prosperity

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Bullying is defined as the deliberate and persistent intimidation or persecution of those perceived as weaker. It us a psychological disorder that can be corrected early.

Violent Persons are firstly Bullies. Bullies lack empathy. Hence, they care less about peace, stability, and prosperity.

If bullying is nipped in the Bud, we will be curbing violence to a great deal and all associated vices like rape, cultism, insurgency, terrorism etc

Explain your idea

The theme is : NIP IT IN THE BUD Sub Theme: Creative Activities as Antidotes to Bullying. The idea is aimed at raising awareness through vsrious progrsmme and workshops on why Bullying is Bad its effects on both bullied and the Bullies, sensitize parents on how to nurture their children and wards positively and get involved in their children's upbringing, while promoting incidents reporting and and anti bullying programs in schools Nominate Anti-Bullying Sheriffs in schools and communities. Train them as appropriate. Introduce creative activities in schools, with community creative activities centres Lobby Government to promote bills that will enforce child protection policy and Anti-Bullying policies in schools.

Who Benefits?

Parents, Teachers, School stakeholders and communities are the beneficiaries. They will benefit through Anti-Bullying programs not limited to workshops, TV talk shows, Distribution of reading materials and creative activities

How is your idea unique?

VIOLENCE: Most organizations deal with the effect of violence such as preventing comunual clashes or providing succour to those affected but we want to deal with the root cause (lack of empathy) through awareness programmes, workshops, TV talk show and creative activities in schools and clubs and a dedicated center for it We are yet to find a violent person who is not a bully firstly!

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

Tell us more about you

Active Projectile Ltd, in Lagos is a registered company in Nigeria for training etc. However our Corporate Social responsibility centers on Anti-Bullying campaign and Advocacy. This was formally launched in March, 2017 in partnership with the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team.(DSVRT) This idea will involve participation of Lagos DSVRT and National Orientation Agency for National coverage and with human and technical supports . Active Projectile Ltd is the initiator. Contact Person is Mrs Adesola Oyinloye- Ndu

Expertise in sector

  • 3-5 years

Organization Filing Status

  • Yes, we are a registered company.


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Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Ade!

How long has your organisation been in operation? When were you established (month and year)?

I just want to highlight this in the evaluation criteria - 'You are a certified non-profit or for-profit organization, and have worked in your sector for at least a year.'

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Hi Kate,

Active Projectile Ltd is a registered company and it has been in operation for 14months. However the anti bullying advocacy which is its Corporate Social Responsibility has been on since 2014

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