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Some thoughts about technology progress

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I'm not that involved in all processes of technology progress. I'm a writer and editor at MeowEssay. But recently I've understood that technological progress has a great impact on humanity now

It cannot be said that all the inventions that mankind has achieved through many centuries of work bring us only harm, however, the fact that in a sense modern gadgets and devices have made us more helpless and lazy cannot be denied, and anyone will agree with this statement modern man.

All these easy ways of communication, gadgets, mobile phones, the Internet - all this directly sucks our free time, forcing us to be in a trance for the next day. The negative impact of various computer devices on human health has been repeatedly proven by scientists around the world, but none of these statements can stop this progress in science and technology.

Rather, nothing needs to be stopped, since all of us are pleased with the modern interior doors of the array, however, it would be nice to change the direction of this development to something more sparing for our health. It would also be nice if applications on smartphones or programs on computers were more educational, teaching us something new and interesting in the process of using them.

Such an idea is not new at all, but too small a fraction of modern technologies use it. The entire industry of gadgets and mobile or computer devices is much more aimed at satisfying human needs such as dispelling boredom, playing something interesting, and a couple of useful things that you can assign to the device. So that humanity does not continue to invest there, it is important that this product benefits both the younger generation and people of a more mature age. Recently, everything useful and natural has begun to return to fashion, which means that soon we can see positive changes in this direction in modern gadgets.


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We all can see the advancement in the technological field today. it cannot be measured or countable. Because we are now at the peak of technological advancement. Still, new and new ones are inventing every day. Anyway, nice article shared here.

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Although it does not seem extremely useful since webcams are sold in bulk and at attractive prices.

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