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How to Deal With Mold Sickness?

Mold illness is something is imparted due to the presence of mold in your living space.

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The problem with mold illness is that one doesn’t always see it coming. There are often times when one doesn’t even know there is mold around the house because you can’t smell it or see it but it’s there and it’s making you sick.

Common Cause of Mold Illness

Most molds are toxic in nature. They release spores in the air which are inhaled by us, or the mold may be in the water we drink, or the food we eat.

However, the mold present in your house is largely responsible for the spores in the air. These spores once inhaled deposit the toxic content in our body.

One can’t normally tell that there is mold in the house because firstly it could be hidden. Mold can grow under the carpets, under the mattress, inside air ducts and even inside walls.

In either case, it takes a professional to figure out that there is mold present in the house. Moreover, the problem with mold illness is that the symptoms are not very specific.

One could easily confuse these symptoms with those of other health problems like anemia or asthma.

The even bigger problem is that conventional medicine does not help even the slightest bit with mold illness.

The first way to treat your mold illness is to cut off all exposure from mold and therefore one can imagine how the problem goes in a loop until you realize there is mold in the home.

However, there are some ways to recognize mold illness, and this is basically through the symptoms.

Mold Skin Rash Pictures

Mold allergy normally causes a Mold rash that can go from mild to very intense depending on the exposure.

The length of the exposure and the kind of mold spores you are being exposed to define what kind of rash you could be subject to and how bad it is.

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