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Apps That Are Sweeping the Market in 2019

The rise of the mobile app industry is something that people are still trying to wrap their heads around.

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The rise of the mobile app industry is something that people are still trying to wrap their heads around. In 2019 only the revenue generated by the mobile app industry exceeds the figure of $462 billion. Currently the owner of a cellphone or any internet device can choose from a wide array of applications designed to cater to the different needs of the audience.

Mobile App Design companies US are taking advantage of the two leading platforms mainly Android and iOS to develop and release applications that have become the norm for people to lead their day to day life. Currently the app library of iOS plays host to around 1,960,633 applications with 2,461,161 applications that are present on the Google Play Store.

That being said we can say that there has been no time better than this for people who are looking to take advantage of this mammoth of an application library to fulfill our daily needs for organization, business and entertainment. The problem is that there is just so much to choose from, well that’s where we come in. Here are the most popular apps of this year that are there to cater to the needs of the audience in the most unique ways and which deserve your attention.

Think Dirty:

Think Dirty is a lifestyle and heath app which has also got serious applause from the uses in the past as well. The app effectively uses a cellphone’s camera lens to scan cosmetic and cleaning products and presents information about the toxicity levels from a scale of 0-10. Think dirty takes out the effort for end users to choose the best products to have around family and children.      

My Plate:

My Plate is a complete nutrition application for people who like to keep track of their daily diet, set weight goals and observe progress. The app has the ability to break down every day meals into micronutrients. My plate is very easy to understand and use, as it has been reported to be liked by people who are above the age of 50. This app in combination with the perfect workout app can make every day nutritional goals easy to manage and organize.


It’s hard keeping track of your multiple bank accounts and payments, well this problem is solved effectively through Clarity. This app gives the user a whole budgeting outlook and beaks down expenditures into smaller groups like dining, shopping, fees, bills and more. The app also has the power to link different user bank accounts and give a more comprehensive picture of the incoming and outgoing money. This app is also known for providing great visuals of the user’s banking activity making it easier to track money.

Mind Mister:

This app helps the user get organized by using mind maps for idea generation and keeping track of the user’s planning activities. We all have faced the problem of think about something out of the box but forgetting the ideas during the hustle of day to day life. So if you are looking to get creative on birthdays or any other event this app will help you organize your thoughts so that effective planning can take place. This app is known to reduce stress when one is trying to conduct outings and events in an organized manner.

Remember The Milk:

This app has the ability to sync with all the devices used by the user and presents an effective task management system. Basically this app is a huge to-do list with options like creating sub tasks for the completion of one major process. This application has also proved to be great for small businesses as tasks and goals can also be assigned to other users to get things done in a hassle free manner. 


For all the photo enthusiasts out there Scribble is a high quality photo editor application that is known for its ability to add animations inside still pictures. These animations are in essence light trails that the user can add in a verity of different ways and colors which makes the images seem lively and moving. This software is basically free but with a monthly subscription people can also have even more detailed picture editing options at their disposal.      


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