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Using Free Group Text Messaging Services

There are numerous websites that provide text messages to be sent to a group of people either online or with a cell phone for free. This is by a student at the Wells College Innovation Lab.

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One such website, also provides free reply-to-all text messaging so whoever is in the texting group will recieve any messages responded to.

This could be used for many purposes related to unlawful detainees. Someone in danger of being arrested could have a group of family members so that he or she could notify everyone of their whereabouts quickly and easily.

A group could also be comprised of human rights activists so that they could discuss issues without needing to all be at the same place at the same time, or even have the same schedule.

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Amnesty Observer App


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Interesting idea. I think this idea is totally helpful. While people need to get their message out asap, this tool could assist them at the first place. However, i wonder that will this tool gonna work on every smartphone?

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