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Personalize electricity

By using our personal electromagnetic field to "charge" digital flares, we would be able to send out a signal to help pinpoint a location.

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Reading an article about the third industrial revolution "Viva la Revolution": How the “energy Internet” will transform political power by democratizing green power, I made a leap to how the human body can produce light and electrical charges.   Johan Boswinkel,  an oddball "inventor" of a sort in New Zeeland uses light to heal people ailments, or rather uses the anomalies in human light patterns to identify sickness and light to realign them. What if we were able to use that light to "charge" a small device concealed on your person. Unlike a GPS or tracking device. It would be a "flare" set off only in times of great distress, allowing human rights workers, journalists, and others in dangerous circumstances the ability to send out a directed call.

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Interesting provocation here Dia! I think something like this could make a lot of sense for people who know they're at risk for detention so let's definitely remember this Inspiration as we get to Concepting.

In the meantime, here's another question for you: how might this light technology be used to aid people who don't know they're at risk for detention, for people who don't suspect they could be imprisoned, and thus wouldn't know to carry this small light-enabled device? There might not be an answer for this, but I thought I'd ask to see if it sparks anything :)

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Hi Ashley! If we are connected by this grid...then we would ideally be able to detect disturbances. If each person were tapped in then we would be able to notice a change in the frequency. I guess that is going a little Pandora, but that is kind of what I was thinking about-- a giant electric web that we are all plugged into. The problem I see with it being used for people that do not know that they are in danger means that it can also be used for people that want to conceal their whereabouts. hmmm, I will sleep on it tonight and see if any inspiration comes to me.