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Innocence Project UK

Innocence Network UK is a programme that uses law-school student labour to work on wrongful conviction cases. Key features why I think it is relevant to this discussion are: student activism, academic rigour and practical humanitarian goals.

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Although the brief rightly excludes looking at whether detainees are innocent or not, one project that is set up precisely to prove wrongful conviction i

The Innocence Network UK has the following aims:
1) To facilitate casework on alleged wrongful convictions by innocence projects.

2) To communicate on issues relating to the problem of wrongful convictions.

The method is explained very clearly on the website of INUK's founder, Dr Michael Naughton on the University of Bristol's Innocence Project website:

The project uses law student labour to work on possible wrongful conviction cases that meet strict criteria, with academic support (students get credit for this).

I like the combination of student activism and academic rigour, with the aim of meeting a practically achieveable humanitarian goal. A "technology" can be a system of rules or a way of working together that achieves a result, and that social innovation is at the heart of the many social media tools we now use online.


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Hi Vincent, This is an excellent comment and a great initiative.

Its important to engage law students in human rights case work, here and also in places where extreme poverty add a futher dimension and distance between justice and those who are being unlawfully detained.

The Nigerian Network of University Legal Aid Institutions in Abuja does innovative work with law students - creating legal clinics to service those living in extreme poverty and in hard-to-reach rural areas, and in inspiring law students to consider public litigation as a career. And they have had some success in this last, despite the high student fees and the low potential income in this area of law.

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