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Emotional and Financial support for the dependents of the detained

For the dependents of those detained, providing emotional, mental and financial support may be key in their wellbeing.

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Those who have been detained leave behind loved-ones and dependents.

Families and partners of the unlawfully detained may suffer mental breakdown and financial loss.

What about services that can support these family members in some way?

I urge you to also take a look at some of the inspirations from the Maternal Health challenge we ran on OpenIDEO. A lot of the inspirations also focused on providing support for mothers in times of need.


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Thank you Haiyan for sharing this inspiration. This is definitely something we should spend time and effort to find a solutino for. Based on what I saw and what I heard, most of the families and dependents struggle to maintain their live financialy. And most of the time even people willingly to help, it's hard to find a practical and secure way to do so. Looking forward to some good solutions when the concepting phase comes.

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Hi Lei Niu, Thanks for your comment and thanks for joining this challenge. It's good to hear from someone with more expert knowledge in this area. Please feel free to post some inspirations that you think might be relevant to the issue of providing support to family members.