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Decentralized networks with Diaspora

Diaspora is a software project from NYU which takes into account personal privacy in the design of a social network. This social network securely stores your information, photos, friends. The network is distributed rather than stored in one place.

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This software project is currently in development. But what's more interesting is to take the inspiration that we could design a networking tool where personal information is never stored centrally and always secure.

When it's so important to keep hidden the identities of victims, family members and supporters, we should consider new network technologies that ensures no single entity has access to this information.


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Thanks Haiyan! This is a great inspiration. Diaspora has the potential not only to enhance the security of privacy, but also make it possible for individual (for example the human rights activists in China) to take control of the timing and direction of when and where the critical information should be spread. This project should definietly be revisited by the community when the concepting phase starts.

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