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Bribespot - locating corruption anonymously

Bribespot is a mobile app with which people can easily, and anonymously, report instances where they are asked for a bribe. Not only is it a way to make corruption visible, it is also a way to share stories and show the effect of corruption.

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The stories can be seen both in the mobile app as on the website. Just browse some of them and be amazed at what people have to pay for. Like getting results from a medical test on the same day, instead of having to wait a week.

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Great inspiration!

What do you think of this adaptation?

"The Map of Freedom"
Amnesty International could build a section on their website to track collective data of each missed person (with a generated profile number (Amnesty International ID) in the way your example suggests.

Any individual can submit a profile for a missing person online, with picture, age, sex, what was the person up do do next, etc. AND the last position and time the person had been seen marked on a Google-like map.

With other people starting (anonymously) entering their coordinates of encounter with the missed person that will track and show the spots and times the person had been seen by others. A red string of movement of the person will build up and may give first evidence on what could have happened and where to start searching.
This can be supported my other technology such as mobiles, apps, email, text messages.

But surely a basic way should be good old paper.
Missed persons are shown publicly on posters with their Amnesty International ID.
Locally adapted one page form sheets provided by Amnesty International can be filled in and sent to Amnesty International by post or handed in directly at trusted places. There the data will be transferred to the online file.

The form can be printed and is widely available at anonymous places such as toilet-cabins, churches, hospitals.
The form is set up with fields one only has to tick (like lottery tickets):
-Amnesty International ID of person
-time last seen
-seen in: good condition / bad condition
-mark the spot on the regional map

Involving in "The Map of Freedom" will be advertised as a means to helping build freedom for everybody: "Please help! This time it may be a stranger, but next time it may be you or a loved one!"

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I gave it a try and made it my first concept.

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