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Being Held App

This is an App, on new generation phone, or a system that can receive text messages, from the person being held (by official or unofficial forces), or by any witness. It would keep track of all the arrests, and could be contrasted with official stats

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The system could generate dynamic maps keeping track of all arrests, this could be contrasted with official stats, and would indicate which of them are official, giving information for the reason of the arrest, or which of them are unofficial, and flag them !!! It would increase awareness and involvement by citizens, arrests are not trivial acts, and a way to anonymously report them will bring the tools for people to be involved in watching and taking care. The maps would give many interesting data to be analyzed and find patterns so this problematics can be addressed with more facts.

More about Mapping being used in similar ways.


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I think this is a great idea and starting point, the only issue would be that this would require everyone to have an iPhone. Other than that I think this is really cool and I would definitely download this app on my iPhone!

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Welcome Felipe! Great stuff – is this an existing app or something you're proposing? If it's an idea you're thinking of to address our challenge question then it would be great if you can post it again during our upcoming Concepting phase. Meanwhile you might like to post and look out for existing Inspirations and insights which could enrich your ideas – and spark others to join conversations to help build your thoughts before the Concepting phase. Looking forward to seeing more of you on OpenIDEO – and feel free to swing by the New User Forums:

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Thanks Meena. It isn't an existing app, not that I know. It is an idea, so of course, I would post it then and try to build on others experiences as well. Thanks a lot, I am amazed by this platform, incredible, thanks!!

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We're super excited to have you join us – extending our diverse, global team! While waiting for the Concepting phase you might want to think about what Inspirations you can post which will help build you idea – so perhaps look at analytic + alert apps and discuss what they doing well or where they could improve. You might also choose to explore analogous experiences as outlined here:

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Thanks!!!! Great!!