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America's Most Wanted

A top 10 list of illegal detainees -- with short descriptions of their situations -- their portraits -- and links to help. This graphic list could be packaged for rebroadcast, on websites, radio + tv, and college campuses.

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A top 10 list of detainees could be published -- with images of the people, short descriptions of their situations, and links to ways to help. 
It could be blasted around for republication, and integrated into other sites and media broadcasts. 
It would make detainee's situations more memorable, and provide clear targets -- to get the people on the list off the list.  If a detainee is released, then they will be off the list, and that can be a PR moment.
A short list would intensify the spotlight of media attention and motivate more activism.

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Margaret, I like the idea of highlighting individual detainees; I think that makes the stories so much more personal. The only concern I have is with the messaging of "America's Most Wanted". All of us involved with the current design challenge have common ground: we all know that we are talking about people who are unlawfully detained.

But what about people who only have milliseconds to process the message of "America's Most Wanted"? I just wonder if there could be some confusion for people who will not [for whatever reason] have the time to figure out whether your top ten are criminals or not--particularly because they are actually in jail and presumably are alleged of some sort of "crime".