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Many countries have a single emergency telephone number, sometimes known as the universal emergency telephone number or occasionally the emergency services number, that allows a caller to contact local emergency services for help.

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Obviously, one would have to have access to a phone. In the case of an unlawful detention, how can we reproduce the same mechanism with something more... "discrete"?
Knowing that in a lot of cases,  those imprisoned are fully searched, their clothes and items confiscated...


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Sarah, I thought of your 9-1-1 inspiration when I saw Avi's inspiration on Flare technology:

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Lovely idea.

For countries like Africa, where there is bloosming of mobile phone usage... a 3/4 digital pan-African number to report, enquire any 'emergency' human right abuses would be ideal.

Nice idea ;-)

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Hi Sarah,
I like the idea of a "number" that everyone would know although I have to say that I don't think I would know which number to call: not in the US where I currently live - although "I know should know it's 911" (hopefully I'll remember now), nor in France and Singapore where I lived, I would not know... :-(
As for how to call, it could also be that it is also about others' behaviors... "if you see something say something" might work "both ways"...