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World's largest 3D LED Cube. Inspiring awareness by combining information, art and design

The largest outdoor information display cube is a visualization of data. The display changes as information of unlawfully detained people is collected via various sources. - OpenIDEO Student Chapter at NYU-Poly

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The cube is a dynamic sculpture that uses the data collected via some of the concepts (see build upon section) to bring awareness to the public.

Displays the information in a giant LED cube in 3D. Here is a video of one of them: The cube would get more intense as more people are detained and more data is collected. Then as the detainee gets released the intensity calms down and imagery changes. 

  • The sculpture would be use to bring awareness of the issues and intensity of the situation when people are detained.
  • The sculpture would constantly be changing over time displaying messages and 3D images, etc.
  • The design will use Open Hardware methodologies. The resulting sculpture plans will be shared online so others can build upon it and make similar sculptures around the world adding improvements along the way.
  • These sculptures could eventually be linked together and could pass information back and forth between them.

Amanda Drescher suggested in the comments to add color to designate regions.  Great idea. Colors are definitely possible, not expensive and a great idea. We could use these for instance: You could imagine the blending of the RBG colors almost like a 3D LCD screen.
Amanda Drescher asked who I thought the audience was for this.  Anne-Laure Fayard suggested that it would be seen it in cities, aiming at increasing awareness of 1) the existence of unlawful detentions and 2) the trends (increase or decrease overall, in a region) in terms of numbers of detentions. You could imagine one nearby the entrance of the HQ of Amnesty and in other similar public spaces. To be more meaningful, you could have a short description, maybe a few pictures... The audience would be officials, authorities but also people in the street (in developed countries).
I saw this recently via an installation at the NYC MOMA.  The exhibit was called Talk To Me.  This installation uses 930 fluorescent tubes on the building’s eastern side to display images.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

Grants and funding for the art installation Data connectivity Electrical power LEDS (a lot of them) Microcontroller to control the LEDS Computer to program it Location to display it on.

My Virtual Team

Anne-Laure Fayard ( Ashwin Gopi ( Lei Niu ( Amanda Drescher ( Ana Cecilia Santos (

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

Not sure. Ideas?


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Hi Alan, this inspiration reminded me of both your and A-L's recent concepts:

- A colleague of mine just showed me this light installation, at Christopher Henry Gallery, in NY:
This project uses about 4 projectors inside the object, and imagine this in a public space, maybe in the form of ure cube instead, or a bigger object like this one, possibly projecting different things on it's different side ancles? It would be so powerful and beautiful to stop and look at, in a city! The technology behind it is already available so it is very doable, only need support and funding from a public or private entity and connect it to Amnesty + the public.

Just wanted to share it as it reminded me of ure cube!

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Ana that is a great idea. There are many ways to do it and I think it would depend on funding. I would like to do the LED's and the pixels as it is like multiple cubes in one that could represent people and the power behind people getting together for a cause. Here is another example of another way to do this. I saw this at the MOMA on Sunday:

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