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the power of media

special media channel could help more

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As illegspal detention are unexpected and unfortunately, the technology today is not
sufficient to prevent it in advance. Usually, we can only do the part which detention
is occurred. Honest to say, most people don’t have awareness of human rights
only when they are facing some problems with it. Therefore, it is important to
spread the issue and awareness to the world. I think the most effective and
widely adoptive instrument is medium. Through TV news channel, we can learn
that some issues of human right are occurring around the world. However, there
are not so many relative news that we can watch from TV everyday because most
events are happening somewhere especially unlawful detention and people don’t know about it. And news update very fast from all fields. Most news are replaced and ignored quickly too.

I’m inspired by the Discovery channel and ESPN channel. I think it would be more effective if there is a special human right channel. Normally, videos are more influenced than words. We can interview people who suffered illegal detention and make a short video to let public know and learn from. Through the channel, news repeat again and again and more people will have chances to access it. People can
learn from those detainees and their stories how to survive, how to communicate
and how to react when facing the problem. People will be educated. At the same
time, once people see the real story they will likely to have sympathies and
devote themselves to helping others. For example, donate money to Amnesty
International, or join a group, or spread the awareness. Most people are
passive about some important issues like human right. Media can play an
important role to make people actively help other people.


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