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Street Plays - A Video Tool Kit for Unlawful Detention

Getting people to think about,let alone understand the complexities of unlawful detention is a difficult task. Improvisational, scripted, and recorded. Street Plays, as an awareness tactic and word-of-mouth driver tactic, have the power to be spontaneous, participatory and informative. Vignettes that re-enact detention scenarios, demonstrate what to do can educate the public, but also create a location-based video archive of what a person can do if someone they know if detained.

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Street theatre as a form of communication is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition. In recent times this form has been used to propagate social and political messages and to create an awareness amongst the masses regarding critical issues. Street theatre breaks the formal barriers and approaches the people directly.

Our concept's messaging will focus on a universal concern of unlawful detention, but the plays will be performed at the local level.  Teams can be set up based on key or critical locations.  We will call on students, universities, human rights activist chapters to participate.  We imagine a central, online hub to download any scripts, assets, or guidelines, and  "fluid" script with "points" to convey to a universal message. Each team can modify or customize the script to give it aregional or topical dimension. 

A central part of the experience will be the online video sharing hub.  Where how-to-videos, what-to-do, video-tool

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

Amnesty International Site (Content Creation, Video Hub, Hosting Fees, etc...) Location-Based Teams Online Connectivity

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

This can be performed without any technology.


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Street plays have been a tradition in many developing countries to spread the word on social matters. This creates the perception of community awareness potentially reducing unlawful detention. Great idea!

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