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prevention is better than cure

anything seems to be ridiculous or impossible will be tangible and feasible in the future.

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Most of the concepts are focus on during detention or after detention. That makes me wonder how about before the detention and how to prevent the detention? Inspired by the timeline concept:



Technically, it is hard to do more efficient efforts on the “before phase”. One of my favorite movies, Minority Report, is sort of relative the idea of prevention phase. In the future, criminals are caught before the crimes they commit. Through the anticipation system, not only the illegal detention but also other crimes can be detected in advance. However, in the movie the system is found deficient eventually. Although it is impossible for today’s technology to achieve that masterpiece, it is a good example can stimulate us thinking about the prevention concept. Just want to share the idea that we can think differently. What we can do to prevent unlawful detention? Prevention is better than cure anyway.


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