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On 10th December Human Rights Day : wear the 'Shift Freedom' Glasses

To celebrate this years International Human Rights Day, let's all switch our profile pictures on social networks with one of ourselves with the 'Shift Freedom' glasses. Calling all human rights defenders to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activities in their local communities, while also raising the awareness of unlawful detention, and the fight for ending discrimination world wide.

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*Please see update (on 8/11/11)  with a downloadable prototype of my vision of the 'Shift Freedom Glasses' ready to cut-out and wear! 

International Human Rights Day on 10th December recognizes the work of human rights defenders worldwide who act to end discrimination. With the power of social media, any citizen in the world can make a difference in spreading awareness about current human rights issues. 

Inspired by Anne's concept, the  'Shift Freedom Glasses' & Jason's Universal Unlawfully Detained Symbol would be available to download + print from the Amnesty International website some days prior to the 10th Dec. The idea is for all the world population supporting human rights and the unlawfully detained, to switch their profile pictures on social network sites they interact the most ( Facebook, Twitter, etc) and place a picture of themselves 'wearing' the 'Shift Freedom' glasses.

The Message:
The campaign name 'Shift Freedom', could be started prior to the 10th of December promoted by Amnesty. The idea is for people interested in telling the world to keep their eyes open and alert for human rights abuses happening everyday, everywhere in the world, to open their eyes to what is going on, and not turn a blind eye. We want to 'Shift Freedom' to the right places. This explains the glasses over the peoples' eyes, like if they were seeing through Shift Freedom glasses: 
- In one way it partially hides the persons identity;
- It emphasizes the need to raise the awareness of so many human rights abuses going around us. 

This small but powerful social initiative would involve people that might not be directly related to someone who has been affected by unlawful detention or human rights abuses, but they might still be strong supporters of international human rights. This is a way to involve everyone, wherever they may be, and spread the message of 'Shift Freedom'.

This concept won't move any mountains, however it aims to do a 'Small Act of Goodness' just like Anne inspired in the previous challenge on OpenIDEO : ) It would hopefully get people in the media etc talking about it, and re-awakening into the public eye the issues here discussed. Once again, knowledge is power.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

- Not much at all, if Amnesty International places these Shift Freedom printable glasses online for anyone to download, everyone could change their profile pictures for the glasses. - Another possibility is to have a 'Picture Badge' kind of service on the Amnesty website specific for this day, to turn our prof picture into Shift Freedom Glasses :) * I've just completed and uploaded a template (8/11/11) proving it is easy and quick to output to the world. But a professional designer would be needed to design the glasses and the Shift Freedom logo, typography etc.

My Virtual Team

Anne : Jason:

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

Hopefully anyone with limited acces to an internet connection, and with profiles on Facebook and Twitter etc, could participate.


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Hello everyone!
I know this concept did not reach the refinement phase, but I am still interested in making it reality.

Is there anyone else out there who would also be interested in wearing the glasses on the upcoming days to 10th Dec, and if there are any further suggestions for improvement to release this idea ?

I will be replacing my profile pictures in social media for one wearing these glasses and explaining why. If you will also be joining me, let me know!

Thanks :)

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