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Off-site Control Center

Off-site control centers can help to prevent unlawful police behavior, protect human rights and to inform the families of the detained.

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Many victims of illegal detainment are captured and detained because of thier involvement in political activism and demonstrations such as protests, rallies, or the creation of grafitti. In order to protect the rights of these activists as well as monitor and expose the way in which they are treated by the police, some sort of off-site crew with video and radio communication with the demonstrators may be helpful. If say, before a demonstration, a part of the group set up a station where they could comunicate with and film the participants in the public act keeping close tabs on what is happening to each individual in the group, there would be solid evidence of everything that happened during the event, as well as information for the participants from off-site. If this surveillance and communication was kept discrete enough, it could not be shut down or disrupted by the police, and it would also serve as a mativation for police to avoid illegal or inhumane behavior even when there is no visible camera around. Footage taken by the off-site crew might be uploaded onto the internet for awareness and exposure of the demonstration/cause, and also exposed and shared in order to prove any cruelty inflicted upon those who are participating in the event. In the event that any of the participants are arrested, the surveilance crew might be able to follow where they are taken, who exactly they are taken by, and under what conditions. This information can also be exposed for any reason needed, and also shared with the families of the detained, so that they know where they are.
A more public or regulated version of this concept might also be applied to major highways or other places where a large ammount of public kidnappings occur. This would be especially helpful in letting families know if thier loved one has been taken and how to deal with that. Having footage of public kidnappings might also raise awareness and yeild prevention of future kidnappings.
-From Kathryn Shriver, Julie Vibbard, Evando Nascimiento, and Kenny Sharpe from Wells College Innovation




What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

A group of comitted people, and simple communication devices like cameras, radios, phones, walkie-talkies, computers, etc.

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