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New Superheroes for New Generations

Some superheroes and cartoon or manga characters seem to appeal to successive generations. Can we leverage such popularity (using appropriate cultural sensitivity) to tell human rights stories.

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Create a range of superheroes, cartoon and manga characters that can be featured across print, film, tv and internet media. Leverage these and other popular characters (eg. Wallace and Grommet) to tell condensed true stories from human rights case studies. Using such characters could maintain anonymity but get the message across to perhaps a different segment of the general audience to raise awareness of injustices and other rights issues.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

Considerable creative resources would be involved but time and services might be donated or funded philanthropically. Contributing to projects based on a concept of this sort might be either good practice or provide recognition of emerging talent. Perhaps a competition to design and construct complete stories or even story concepts would provide good starting material.

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

Mass reproduction of any stories for publication probably dont lend themselves to low-tech solutions. However initial artwork and storyboard development could still be undertaken in traditional ways.


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Interesting concept Paul! Sarah's suggestion for funding is an excellent one.

It might also be an option to open source the animation, similar to the way Joseph Gordon Levitt has with Something to consider if you'd like to minimize costs...

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Thanks Amanda. Ilove the way we can share ideas and resources from othe situations and personal experience. I raised the concept as one possible way of creating awareness amongst the kids (small and large). Unlawful detention might be a subject to raise through programs like The Simpsons too - just using the broadest range of avenues available to get the message across.

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