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Motivate, Focus & Action (MFA) Tool-Kit

The vision is to create a tool-kit much like the Human-Centered Design Tool-kit from IDEO ( It helps individuals to get more independent and groups to get more effective. We thought that there is a connection between the HCD Tool-kit and Amnesty efforts. The connection of using a variant of the IDEO creativity process to help individuals, families and groups think of ways of helping themselves and detainee. This will empower them to support themselves, retain their dignity and motivate them to take action. - OpenIDEO Student Chapter at NYU-Poly

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A story...While watching the video posted in the field notes called  A First Person Account of Unlawful Detention  we got inspired to create a methodology for the family or individual that is experiencing a unlawful detention of a family member or friend, etc. As Amina said in her interview she was lost and did not know what to do.  This tool-kit or guide will help people to get motivated, focus and take action to help themselves, their families and the detainee(s).

This process starts by motivating the user or users of this toolkit much like Hearing phase of the HCD process identifies and clarifies what resources you have and what you will need. Gets the individual or group to think about the family needs, what hey should do to communicate to the press, gathering support or dealing with lack of support from the community and use the techniques to brainstorm about other resources that should be used in their own particular situation. Which is going to be the challenge.

The next step is to Focus and come up with a plan.  The plan could include communication to lawyers, means of employment, fundraising, and maybe protesting.  Through the previous brainstorming step there might be other ideas that should be added in this step that could be could be added to the plan. Such as developing a story that tells about your situation.

In the last step the plan is executed and Action is taken.  So we called it the Action step. However this is not a closed loop.  You should have the opportunity to reiterate as you gain more information and identify new challenges you might face.  The reiteration becomes a feedback loop as you learn you modify.

This toolkit will need to be multilingual. 

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

People to design the tool with cultural and multilingual considerations. Money to do the research Money to make it accessible

My Virtual Team

Anne-Laure Fayard ( Ashwin Gopi ( Lei Niu (

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

Could be printed for distribution.


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I really love the idea... We here in a project in Brazil use a similar idea for make oral history with people. Great!

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Thank you Ibrahim.

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