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Identify With Me!

Identify With Me! is a public awareness campaign with a goal to create an emotional touch of identification with the victims of unlawful detention.

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It is late October, cold outside. I live in a nice apartment. I turned on a heating and made me a cake and milk for the dinner. I one hour I will go sleeping, my bed is big and warm. I know that there are people suffering there. But that there is far away, some other world. I am sorry, but I would like to close my eyes, close my ears, block my brain.

Identify With Me! Campaign is an attempt to reach millions like me, to recruit them to be an army of the Amnesty International and contribute with their work and their resources to stop the unlawful detention. Through showing how lucky we are to live in some other world I would like to create an identification feeling with the victims and create an emotional response to it.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

Money for print and/or viral ads which could be replaced by partnership with the cities (free ad space) or advertising agencies (like Leo Burnett sponsorship)

My Virtual Team

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How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

The campaign itself is designed as the print, so it is already low technical solution. It could be extended as a viral ad, adjusted, outdoor campaign, adjusted to a national composition of the city/state


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I think it would be costly to run ads around the city. Perhaps it would be more cost effective to work with some of the mobile app game publishers to publish the advertisements to their users as a way to adopt Amnesty International as their cause of support. This would probably reach out to much more users and I don't think the app publishers would mind flipping lesser ads for their users.

Edmund Ng

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