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A 30 Day Challenge for Human Rights

Have you ever seen somebody take on a daily challenge for 30 days straight, and were so interested that you sent their blog to others? What if those personal challenges centered around human rights awareness and activism, and we created a website to host these challenges, channel visitors to learn more about human rights, and give them multiple ways to get involved?

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Have you ever seen a blog where somebody takes on a daily challenge for 30 days or 1 year straight, and found yourself so interested in their progress that you return regularly and send the link to others? What if we leveraged that energy for human rights awareness and activism?

Maybe an artist creates a new piece each day, auctions the work on eBay, and donates the proceeds to Amnesty International; somebody else might Tweet daily haikus on the theme of “imprisonment” and encourage their followers to do the same.  Or a church youth group challenges itself to create 500 care packages, documents what goes into the care packages and the process, and invites visitors to mail in contributions as well.  I’m proposing a website that hosts personal challenges tied to increasing support (awareness, donations, email campaigns) for human rights.

Participants would choose the terms and duration of their challenge, and pledge to update daily. Embedded in their webpage could be a brief description of their motivation for the project, links to human rights organizations, “easy ways to help,” links to donation campaigns to support a human right detainee’s family, email campaign templates, etc.

The personal challenges would draw in new and diverse readers; the site would then funnel visitors towards learning more about human rights, and visitors would have multiple ways to get involved. It could easily be integrated into other social media platforms.

This concept highly influenced by challenges and fundraisers such as these:!about


You might want participants to spend some time talking about the meaning behind their choices, the potential impact on human rights, and also their personal process and how engaging in such a challenge has changed them.  Might be helpful to have a guided process for those signing up, including ways to identify campaigns or organizations to support, suggested topics to write about in daily updates, etc.

This builds on Kathryn's great idea for humanity care packages:

Other inspirations:
Granovetter's Strong Ties/Weak Ties (
Ganz's thoughts on community organizing and "stories of self": witnessing the narrative of 30 day challenges both instructs us how to become involved and inspires us to act

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Kathryn Shriver, Ashley Jablow


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Fab thoughts, Jessica! Another inspiration, on a slightly different angle, would be the 30 days of GOOD challenge:

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