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Crowdsourcing the work required to support the detainee and their families

A social network, connecting detainees and their families with volunteers who are willing to take up small tasks to support the detainees and their families to cope with the situation.

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 The idea is simple; the detainee's family contacts the Amnesty and make a profile for him/her in a the Detainee Support Net. They can also publish a list with the actions that they think are required to help the detainee. Volunteers see this information and take up small tasks like writing an article to give publicity, provide financial, legal and/or psychological support, do research on previous similar cases of detainees etc. They have also profiles in the Support Net and thus they can suggest actions,collaborate with each other and synchronize their efforts.
The volunteers are motivated with their social work quotient (similar to the one we have in IDEO) or with titles ('trustworthy', 'excellent coworker') rankings and/or points according to the amount and the nature of work they took up. Their status will be visible in their profile and it can also be used to indicate their experience and their work in their professional or academic environment (e.g. lawyers, journalists, etc) etc. The volunteers can also be students who want to train themselves and gain experience on a domain. Volunteers can give feedback for each other' s work which will be incorporated in the quotient calculations. Moreover, the volunteers can arrange meetings in a physical environment to organize events related to the human rights and to  get to know their folks with whom they share the same interests (as it happens with couchsurfing for example).

This way,  families feel supported and can focus on their part of work and volunteers are motivated to continue their work, as it is rewarding both a a social and in a personal level.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

- A website that will be supported by Amnesty. All families should be instructed to register their missing members in the Net. - Publicity for the initiative.

My Virtual Team

Amnesty interactive map : and The Detainee Support Net :

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

This idea could e adapted also in a local level in Amnesty offices around the world; Families would register their detainee and through the Amnesty office, volunteers would be contacted to take up all the necessary actions.


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I absolutely love this idea! Progressive action in order to keep the detained safe is what this project is all about! Great concept!
Molly Heslin, Friendly neighborhood Wells College Innovation lab

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