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Being positive, sky's the limit

So, after looking at some videos and doing some brainstorming in class we realized that you can't always free someone but you can keep their moral high by giving them positive reassurance. So, one of our ideas was to send positive messages through the sky using a helicopter. Kinda like what you see sometimes on the beach with advertisements. I know that in Columbia most people get kidnapped and aren't able to be freed right away and are hidden in the jungle so we could also just send messages over the jungle hoping they will see them. Kind of the same idea with the radio station, just sending out messages hope their loved ones will hear them. Wells College Innovation Lab

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This idea is just a start, feel free to add or criticize :)

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So after some more brainstorming we can up with some more details about our idea. First, the type of messages that would appear on the banner would be positive things, messages from families who have people missing, quotes, things happening in the news, maybe funny things.
Another thing we talked about was who would sponsor the messages, and we were thinking that maybe radio stations or other companies who would be willing to help the cause. We would fly these messages over areas that are suspected to contain prisoners.

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