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Angels of Humanity ...Yes, you can be a Guardian Angel!

The ‘Angels of Humanity ...Yes, you can be a guardian Angel’ initiative recognises the guards, officers and admin staff on the other side of the 'eco-system' as a possible part of a support system for detainees.

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What is it? 

A web based platform called ‘Angels of Humanity’, operated by AI and providing 3 main services:

A) Advice for detainers and detainees on how to build bridges during detention and bringing back more humanity and empathy.

One could imagine newly coded gestures, noises, scents etc. that could mean nothing out of the ordinary for those in the unkown, but convey empathy and compassion between those that understand the new code as thaught by the ‘Angels of Humanity’ platform. This could support the creation of a parallel, to others invisible, eco-system of support for detainees, in which both sides play an active part. 

B) If an officer, guard or admin person is committed to leaving unlawfully detention environments, then the platform provides guidance on how to do this (support networks, job opportunities etc. ), and importantly,  how information they may have could help to prevent and/or make better past situation of individuals/families. There are changing access code/telephone number so individuals can make contact with especially trained AI staff anonymously if they wish. 

C) A postal address that could be used anonymously to inform AI staff of unlawfully detained, their whereabouts and health. This address is used by people that are part of the ‘bad guy system’ and don’t dare to contact AI directly. 

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

I could think about 3 main areas here ( at least): A ) Thorough research on: - The legality of AI developing a ‘Yes you can be a guardian Angel’ initiative and needed services for those involved - more insights on how bridges between the detainee and guards could be best and safely build (words, smile, wink, gestures, noises, scents ....) - Acceptance levels in the 'community' for helping guards and officers to leave the system of unlawful detention and using the information they might supply in that process. B) Creation, operation and development of the web based platform. C) You'll need to develop and maintain the platform and provide trained staff capable of responding appropriately in many different languages.

My Virtual Team

Anne-Laure Fayard with her encouragement on shaping the initial inspiration of the 'Angel of Humanity'. Thank you Anne-Laure :) And then all the great concepts shared in the last 2 weeks name a few (that I know) helped me shaping my thoughts: Juli’s Being positive, sky's the limit Team Chimera's Empathy from the "Enemy" Angeliki ‘ s Amnesty Workshops in Police Academy Abby’s We Miss You.....over Kerry’s Raising Empathy - Animated Video Series Kathryn Shriver’s Humanity Care Package Amanda’s MY VOICE Fabio’s “WikiAm” - The Wiki Amnesty Nathan’s Local Advice Wiki – AmnestyGuide Rashmi’s Universal Emergency Number Happy refining all :-)

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

One low-tech way or reaching out to many people might be the running of a regular local /national radio programme. The programme could tell stories, play songs for detainees, raise awareness and encourage individuals to start building bridges by using the Angel of Humanity code. The radio presenter could also give out access codes and the postal address of the AI office so that a guard could start communicating with AI staff.


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