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An Idea Worth Spreading: Tedx Human Rights Forum

One of the most effective ways to get a message viral today is to host a TEDx event. Amnesty International could coordinate a TEDx event around the protection of Human Rights, and invite speakers such as Dorothy Parvaz, the Al-Jazeera journalist recently detained in Syria, to talk about their experiences when they faced human rights violations. The event could be held in a space linked itself to Human Rights violations - such as the Hanoi Hilton - to give participants the "feeling" of such a violation.

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Three basic concepts are needed for this to be a successful campaign:

1) Powerful speakers who can tell the story of WHY Human Rights need to be observed.
2) Attendees who have large viral networks they can share with after the conference has concluded.
3) An appropriate location that takes this from being "just another conference" to a conference that leaves its participants with the same sensations that a victim of human rights abuse might feel.  

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

Resources: 1) Time: Most likely 1 year coordination time 2) People: a) Speakers: Individuals who can tell a convincing story - one worth spreading b) Coordinators: Individuals who could mobilize speakers and logistics c) Attendees: Individuals willing to attend and talk about the concept afterwards 3) TED Permission/Partnership Of greatest concern: Does this fall into the "political" realm? If it dos, TED will deny it 4) Money: a) Money to secure the location of the event b) Money to pay the speakers if they are not willing to do it for free c) Money for attendees to attend, esp if they live abroad

My Virtual Team

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How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

The idea, in and of itself, is not high tech. It is a conference. The viral component comes into play afterward. The distribution of the idea is dependent on technology, but not so much the original execution of the idea.


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This is a great idea!! One thing that might attract a global audience would be to also livestream the conference so that people from all over the world could tune in live.

Livestream is a sponsor of TEDx and their contact person is

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