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Amnesty Google Earth Observer

Integrate Infographics as the search engine of supporters and real time cases! As Google Earth says "fly anywhere". Once the supporter or the case is located you can have access(online) to the profiles of the people related, aswell as collaborating and sharing- Once you see the entired world populated with human rights violation cases you realize the importance of it.

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Amnesty Google Earth Observer is and application that works in all devices. It supports an online co-working collaborative community that works in  Human Rights problems. The application locates geographically real time cases, people´s profiles and statistics. Flow of information and connectivity are the keys.

What kind of resources are needed to get this idea off the ground and/or support it over time?

-Partnership with Google Earth and possibly Google maps Software developers -Interaction designers - Data architects -Online Community platform - The technical tools to integrate the tool to the community.

My Virtual Team

Ana Cecilia Santos -An Interactive Infographic Platform - fueled by the whole network of supporters Amin Tadj-Open Network Mesh Can Be On When They Turn Off Every Thing Anne-Laure Fayard And the concepts mentioned on Building on...

How could this idea also be adapted to work in low-tech situations?

The infographics as Ana Cecilia Santos mencioned, can be printed out and published in the community center of the city or the place the community decides,aswell as the reporting a new case or having meetings.


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