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Farmers will save agriculture if they survive

We are in the back of the farmer to take life forward

Photo of Village Development  Center (VDC)
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Farmers and agricultural products are the lifeblood of the nation. In fact, the farmer who despises his life, provides food in the face of the rain, the rain, the people of the country, when he sees the real picture of them, he rises to his village. Even though they have the golden opportunity to provide a better way of life, everyone is cut off. There are a handful of farmers who have done research. But now it's the turn of the day. Farmer's grief is on its way to end the day of suffering. Has been discovered. Advanced technology. There are many conscious palaces in cooperation. Fearless peasant brother has come.

Providing modern equipment, advanced technology to small farmers. Establishment of sales center for sale at the fair price of agricultural produce.Provide proper training for modern agriculture. Improved fodder, seed supply. Market the food of approved fertilizers, medicines and animal resources. Assisting in the production of safe and nutritious agriculture food by launching a low interest loan system. It is possible to develop an entire nation including farmers.

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year-round, adobe-designed suspended gardens
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Database Assisted System for rightful and proportionate distribution of official grain sacks to small scale farmers in Pakistan.
Urbanise small-scale farming by changing their locality so that farmers can be closer to their markets.
Install a Hobbit storeroom & home in 3 days using solar panels for power. Can be used for storage & processing.
Using the Village Savings and Loans (VSL) scheme as a strategy to link 2,500 small-holder farmers to financial resources/institutions.
Develop different type of business
Ooooby - Out of our own back yards
Ekua Pa Project: Optimizing Potential of Rural Small-holder Farmers for Improved Livelihoods
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Digital Farm - digitising tools to empower farmers with information about their farms
Courses in photovoltaic technology will enable the small-scale farmer to build solar panels to use for cold storage and processing
Educational Programs for Business Mindset development and improving smallholder farmer’s livelihood.
Market Oriented Development Of the Indigenous Chicken Supply Chain In Mozambique
Farmers call station (bulk sms notification and farmers inquiry)
Train the farmers to select the best crop variety which is capable to resist storage conditions
Switch from chemical fertilizer to compost using waste or spoiled produce to save money & grow healthier produce.
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Storage, Savings, and Farm Reinvestment: An Experiment with ROSCAs in Kenya
Expansion/rehabilitation of feeder roads and conduction of weekly radio talks on price analyses of food crops.
Demand driven farming
CROSSINGS bridge system
Original Indian Table - Reviving Traditional Foods
Small scale farmers` information and training center
Mobile Sustainable Agricultural Training Stations
The Tryctor - A three wheel multipurpose mini tractor for smallholder rural farmers
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Waste Management/Recycling ,Food Processing and Conveyance
CowTribe-Providing Quality Veterinary Care to Smallholder Farmers
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Fig postharvest handling in the Comarca Laguna Region, Durango Mexico.
Growing Future
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Processing maize grain into edible flour with essential nutrition.
An 'Uber' for Small-Holder Farmers: Linking Farmers to Urban Markets while Leveraging Under-utilized Capacity in Corporate Cold-Chains
Ukulima Farmers Card: A record keeping and knowledge management system for improved  farming practices
The Market Hub
GreenPath Food: Organic Fruit & Veg through an environmentally & financially sustainable, business solution for smallholder agriculture
Development of manual whole ginger pricking machine to enhance drying of whole ginger rhizomes by 50%
Empowering Small Scale Farmers through access to information on local market trends via ICT.
Technical equipment for tomato treatment and conservation to booster its production and empower both rural women and town vendors.
Input wallet solutions for smallholder farmers
Unlocking barriers of fruits post-harvest loses in a participatory approach
Eco-friendly "char-coolers" and aluminum containers reducing milk wastage in a pastoral milk supply chain
Eliminating wasted food amounts by converting it into compost or food processed products to improve  lives of small scale farmers and women
Improving Water Harvesting and Farm Produce Preservation Techniques in Mavoko, Athi River
Basin terracing boosts farmers'income while reducing sedimentation.
Scaling-up of rural access agricultural value chain financing and insurance for smallholder farmers and agri-businesses.
Rural Processing and preserving techniques for seasonal fruits.
Ke des burkinabés
ICT4Ag an innovative way to enhance farmers’ access to agronomic, financial and trading services
Fruit Pulp for Improved Value & Shelf Life
Before-the-Blessing: farmer's financial management almanac
Agbeloba Project
Strengthening Small Scale Farmers in Nkhata-Bay District Access to Markets
Green Agricultural Cooperative BDS
Using organic waste to produce protein as a feed supplement to commercial livestock breeding Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens).
Application of pectin-based edible coatings onto locally grown fruits to delay spoilage
TECH FARMERS - Revolutionizing farming through Information Technology, Permaculture and Value addition chain
Boosting vegetable production through local pest control practices.
Establishment of Business Focused Farmers Associations to Sustainably Run and Manage the Farmers Service Centers
Production of extruded ready-to-eat diabetic snacks from blends of selected grains and legumes
The Farmer's "Alman-APP" - weather apps for farmers
Reducing spoilage of food produce on farms by creating a system that ensures ready market and transportation
Innov8's device boosts farmers income from coffee sales by delivering better coffee processing technology to improve their coffee quality.
Mobile Platform For Contract Farming.
INSECT HIVES: rearing kits to empower farmers to grow proteins and other nutrients with little water and energy
Kulisha: Fueling the Future of Fish Farming One Insect at a Time
Local "Daily Table" as an International Model
Improving roads in rural Rwanda to facilitate access to markets for farmers
Replicate the model created by Abalimi Bezekhaya
The Conservation Cube
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Dried vegetables for improved livelihoods in Rwanda
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CommCare for Agricultural Extension Workers
Maggot farming for innovative stock feed production: converting waste into protein
Establishing Information Center at Farmers' vicinity
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The Releaf Group
Reduce post-harvest loss with Energy Free Cool Storage
Shamba.IO – Connect rural farmers to urban markets by empowering agricultural extension agents
KaliKule Mob Apps
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Mandi Express - From Farm to Table
Green Growth; Value chain management of organic products
Limiting food loss in SSA through intelligent storage bags
AgriSheets - A Low Tech, Workflow Collaboration Platform for Farmers (Printable and App based)
The Hopeful River Project: Safe water for farmers
Mkulima Young: One Stop Shop for farmers and other traders in agricultural value chain.
Milk-e-Way, a mobile based portal that provides easy and timely access to animal healthcare for farmers to ensure good dairy and meat yield
Biogas-Powered Milk Chiller for Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Eastern Africa
LIMA is an agricultural knowledge and support mobile technology solution that provides farmers with contextual and real-time information
Development of a Low-cost Stored Maize Grain Early Pest Detector Device: A Role towards Enhancing Food Security in sub-Saharan Africa
Reinventing the Co-packer model in Rwanda
Real time Storage Backed Farm Produce Exchange platform
Dhaaga - Sewn Solutions
Reducing post-harvest losses of  tomatoes through development of shelf-stable value added products to improve livelihoods of farmers
Highly accurate weather forecasts to reduce food waste and spoilage
Communal solar powered cold storage unit to preserve seeds and food for peasants.
Tunga Poultry
Smile - n- Shine
Papali Pumpkin Products
Aquaponics Farms for Sustainable Food Production
Talisman, a shining light for small-holder farmers
Insect Farming - Food Waste Revolution -
Malawi’s Food Chain Transparency Technology Solution
Food Fw: Moving Organic Food Forward in Zimbabwe
ICT-enabled ecosystem to drive sustainability of smallholder farmers
Ensuring that Farmers have access to Market Information.
WeFarm: Delivering vital, actionable peer-to-peer information to smallholders via SMS
Food for poor(F4P)
Linking small farmers to high-value markets for improved food safety and higher incomes in Kenya
Telenor Khushal Zamindar
Noma: Agronomic services & weather Forecast for farmers in local languages in Northern Nigeria
Post-harvest management for Fresh/Irish potatoes in rural areas/in Rwanda
WIHA (Water Irrigation Help for Agriculture)
M-Farm: Connecting Small Holder Farmers to Markets Efficiently, through Trusted Information and Business Intelligence Tools
From Waste to Paste: Tomato Processing and Logistics in Sierra Leone
Diagnostic Method for improving agroprocessor growth and managerial capacity in Ghana
South Africa: Sustainable, Optimized and Resilient Food Storage and Processing Model
Grou, the marketplace to reach small-holder farmers in Latin America
Rwandan logistics service to reduce agricultural freight cost and increase service reliability
Creating Innovative Partnership Financing and Inclusive Strategy through grower shemes
Azolla (Second Green Revolution)
Text, Populate, Aggregate: Simple ICT for rural smallholder Farmers in East Africa
Chipua - A data driven mobile interface that enables credit profiling and direct access to microfinancing for small scale farmers
Dryer construction and installation for solar-dried fruit and vegetables production in Rwanda
Cassava Chippers innovation to reduce post-harvest losses by 30% in Commercial Villages and increases household incomes in Malawi
Jamii Farm ('Community Farm')
Transporting fresh fish: Reducing spoilage by reducing acceleration/jostling over rugged terrain in rural Nepal
Empowering Women in Hard-to-Reach Areas as Market Analysts and Smart Producers
Garden Hubs for Informal Settlements
Training and supporting Private Extension Agents (PEAs)
Maximizing smallholder productivity and combating malnutrition in Rwanda
Using animated explainer videos for training on solar drying fruits and vegetables to mitigate postharvest losses
Experience Pool: Crowd-sourcing farmer feedback about farm inputs' quality
Developing Climate Smart Extension Champions from Agricultural Colleges located in rural communities across Zimbabwe's agroecological zones
InCloud Action!
: “Better  Din “ –Better days for  downtrodden small holding farmers .
Footprint for a sustainable Coffee value chain project
Back to Banana Fiber Project
The main difficulty for small-scale farmers is the preservation of marketing.
While having to cultivate the land, take care and harvest.
AgriSocius lda delivers 20 tonnes of sesame to ETG.
Training small scale farmers in crop value addition,preservation and safe storage
Providing healthcare for them and their families

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Photo of Dickson Kikyonkyo

Thank you VDC. Majority of people in rural areas are small household farmers. They are at the front line in farming. Yet they are poor simply because their agro-processing value function was hi-jacked, after the phasing out of outdated granaries and grindstones in 1981. Their farming businesses are not viable as they depend on agricultural raw materials, which are cheap and have a short shelf life. In poverty they practice poor methods of farming that have resulted in depletion of natural resources and degradation of the environment. To reverse this situation we need to empower small farmers and practice value addition farming so that we get products from communities, other than agricultural raw materials. In this way small farmers will be able to get a big share of their farming businesses, which will allow them to practice sustainable farming.

Photo of Village Development  Center (VDC)

Thank you very much

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