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My contribution is to make a team of youth educated and training for rural population to develop agriculture in rural area.

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My idea is to make a team of youth graduate in agriculture sector ,as they are young they are faster thinking ,faster reasoning ,and they know new technology that they can use so that to transform tradition agriculture into modern agriculture,they are also able to fight with diseases that attack crops as well as they method that are used to prevent food against loss.That idea will solve the problem of food insecurity and develop many agriculture industries as well as it will solve the problem of dependence of out side of country food import.And also it will develop rural area farmer for getting quality and quantity nutrition .


All population of Rwanda especially those who live in rural area where main agriculture activities take place and also outside of Rwanda countries member like Tanzania ,Kenya and so on.they will benefit from my idea by applied that idea in action for engaging younger graduated in agriculture sector.The youth graduated in agriculture sector have more idea that must implemented so that to help farmers in rural area by training unskilled farmers how they can access to market information and so


my idea will implemented in Rwanda country as one of member country eligibility country especially in rural area where main agriculture activities take place,but it is not limiting in Rwanda also can be used out of Rwanda,like Kenya,USA,Tanzania,...


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I am introduced on the name of Abraham Munyankumburwa,I am 27 years old and Rwandan as nationality and 2nd year of university in Rwanda in rural development&Agri-economics. I was working in top skills ltd,active trainer in MINEDUC,and I have entrepreneurship certificate and I submit as individual

that is why we need to use new generation of youth and educated  to transform tradition  agriculture into modern agriculture by using new technology and efficacious method as skilled farmers and collaborate with old and unskilled farmers by introducing new technology and innovation to rural population and  also by handling the problem of food losses and food waste by using new method and new improvement for example they are able to fight against with food loss and food waste by using:

Metal-silo ,refrigerator, et c,and  also there is high amount of food wasted due to luck of market information as 90% of Rwanda country are unskilled farmers means that;it is difficult for them to find out information about market that is big challenge that lead to food loss and food waste for farmers and also reduce economy of country and also that have many challenge for Rwanda small scale farmersIn Rwanda farmers face the following challenges to add value to their agricultural products;*.Low quality produce as most production is intended for own family consumption hence local farmers do not have strongincentives to increase quality.*.Lack of business skills and entrepreneurship.*.The rural road infrastructure and transport is not yet fully developed to enable the farmer to promptly get farminput and also transport the farm produce to the market.*.There is lack of sustainablemarket and post harvest management for the small scale farmers in Rwanda.*.Limited capital to develop the farms and local farmersalso do not have easy access to funding from commercial banks.*.The lasted market information is not readily available to the small scalefarmers and this results in the farmers selling at cheap price in order to avoid spoilage of agricultural products.*.Shortage of fertile land*.Lack of knowledge about modern farming methods including irrigation.*.Lack of necessary equipment to use on the farm during planting, harvesting and value addition.*.Lack of adequate supporting infrastructure to the sector like cold rooms, advisory services tothe small farmers and mechanism for the small farmers to pull resources My idea will solve those above challenges that farmers meet with by find out market information, new and modern method used to store ,training unskilled farmers,values chains added ,type of soil and its crops corresponding to that type,fertilizers needed,climate,and much more information that can help farmers from pre-harvest to storage until consumer.

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Youth and inexperience are a great way to see things in ways that the older people might not have seen. This is a great idea that will help keep young people in jobs as well.

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